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Buyer’s agent or listing agent: what’s the difference?

There are distinct differences when a real estate agent represents a buyer or a seller and you should be aware of them before you become either one.

Changes in real estate advertising: phrases that are not politically correct anymore

Phrases that are no longer politically correct include family home, walking distance, bachelor pad, house for a handyman and safe neighborhood.

Steps to sell a home with tenants

Selling an occupied rental can be a positive experience for everyone if you are upfront with your tenants and sympathetic to the inconveniences for them.

How to find homes with hidden potential

Homes with hidden potential yield the best return on your investment, whether you are buying your first home, an investment property or a house you want to improve and flip.

10 cities with rising home prices

If you want to buy a home in one of the 10 cities with the fastest rising home prices, it may take longer to find the perfect home and it probably won't be a bargain.

Reasons to fire your real estate agent

Better yet, how to set up clear expectations so you never need to fire your real estate agent - or your client if you're the agent.

Flipping houses: top 7 things you need for a profitable real estate flip

If you are interested in flipping houses - buying foreclosed homes to remodel and resell - you will need money, resources and a team of great professionals.

Houses for sale: what listing sites won't tell you about finding the perfect home

Before you start house hunting and spend hours searching through houses for sale, consider what the listing sites won't tell you. There are many factors other than price and size that determine your perfect home.

Find real estate agencies in your area

When it's time to buy a home, important early steps include finding real estate agencies that fit your home search, interviewing a few agents and picking the right match for your area and personality.

House auction: a buyer's checklist

Most people who want to purchase homes use traditional methods, such as contacting a realtor or speaking to someone at a bank. You may not have considered buying at a house auction, but this method of purchasing real estate can save you quite a bit of money.