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Reasons to fire your real estate agent

Better yet, how to set up clear expectations so you never need to fire your real estate agent - or your client if you're the agent.

Sell your home: cleaning tips

If you are ready to sell your home, cleaning tips like these entice prospective buyers to make an offer quickly.

Find home values: is your local real estate market improving?

Real estate websites offer tools that can help you determine if your local market is improving and find home value estimates.

Housing market home sales tips: knowing when to sell

Demographics, interest rates, government policies and the health of the economy affect the housing market and determine the best time to list your home for sale.

Home staging for open house

Appeal to the senses of your potential buyers with home staging for an open house that includes a manicured yard, clean and well-lit rooms and accents like throw pillows and candles.

Sell my home fast when sales are slow

Setting the right home price, picking a great real estate agent and home staging call all help sell my home fast when sales are slow.

Sell my home fast: things to watch out for

Setting the wrong price, showing your home in poor condition and selling without a real estate agent are all sell my home fast things to watch out for.

Sell my home fast: fixes to make

Cleaning, curb appeal, minor maintenance and even entire room remodels are all sell my home fast type fixes will help you get more money from your home sale.

Sell my home fast after refinancing

You may need a new home listing if you want to sell my home fast after refinancing, especially if you did any home improvements.

Sell my home fast: open house tips

Cleaning, staging and other sell my home fast open house tips