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Buyer’s agent or listing agent: what’s the difference?

There are distinct differences when a real estate agent represents a buyer or a seller and you should be aware of them before you become either one.

Steps to sell a home with tenants

Selling an occupied rental can be a positive experience for everyone if you are upfront with your tenants and sympathetic to the inconveniences for them.

How to sell an empty home

Traditional home staging and virtual staging are both options that help sell an empty home. Curb appeal is key regardless.

What is my home value? 4 ways to answer the question

Home value calculators, online valuation tools and appraisals use home value comparisons to help answer the question - what's the value of my home

Reasons to fire your real estate agent

Better yet, how to set up clear expectations so you never need to fire your real estate agent - or your client if you're the agent.

Virtual home staging: a picture of real estate listings that sell

What is virtual home staging? How does it help sell homes for which traditional home staging is not an option?

10-step plan for selling your home

Selling your home takes time, planning and effort. Creating a home sale plan that covers logistics, finances and marketing makes the process easier. This 10-step plan covers the basics of home selling.

Home foreclosures: 5 reasons you need a real estate attorney

Hiring a real estate attorney can help you through the foreclosure process. Many states have legal aid programs that provide legal help free of charge.

Foreclosure process: understanding what stage a home is in

If you think you are headed for foreclosure, it is important to understand all the stages of foreclosure and the options available to you at each stage.

Short sale vs foreclosure: which is better for you

If you are behind on your mortgage payments and face foreclosure on your property, you may be comparing a short sale vs. foreclosure. Both damage your credit, yet a foreclosure does more harm.