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6 steps for buying from pre-foreclosure listings

You can find pre-foreclosure listings several ways. Here are six steps to help you understand how to buy homes in pre-foreclosure, including short sales.

Big houses for sale below market value

If you want to buy a big house, it may not be as difficult as you think to find one at a price below market value. These steps will help you find big homes in pre-foreclosure and foreclosure

Home Buying for Dummies one of the 9 best home buying books

There are many home buying books on the market that can help you learn to simplify the process and avoid common mistakes. Home Buying for Dummies is one of the recommended reads.

Home buying guide for today's market: 6 first steps

When you are ready to purchase a home, whether it’s your first or forth, a home buying guide can help. These six steps may make your buying process more simple and streamlined.

Find real estate agencies in your area

When it's time to buy a home, important early steps include finding real estate agencies that fit your home search, interviewing a few agents and picking the right match for your area and personality.

Mobile homes for sale: pros vs cons of mobile homes

If you want to own your own home without borrowing a couple hundred thousand dollars, you may want to look at mobile homes for sale. Manufactured homes are affordable and may be moved when you move.

Pre-foreclosure sale: how to work with homeowners

If you are interested in a pre-foreclosure sale, you may be able to work with the homeowners to help them avoid foreclosure and get you a good price on your new home.

HUD loans for foreclosed homes

HUD has an impressive inventory of foreclosed homes as well as programs to help you affordably buy one.

10-step plan for selling your home

Selling your home takes time, planning and effort. Creating a home sale plan that covers logistics, finances and marketing makes the process easier. This 10-step plan covers the basics of home selling.

Home financing lenders: how to find, compare and research mortgage lenders

Home financing lenders include major and local banks, credit unions and thousands mortgage brokers across the country. The best lender for you depends a lot on personal preference.