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Liberty Mutual teen car insurance: what it actually costs

If you have young drivers in the household, insuring them can be very expensive. Even Liberty Mutual teen car insurance is going to cost you more, and here’s how much.

Progressive teen car insurance: what it will cost you

Flo can offer some great discounts, but not even Flo can keep Progressive teen car insurance from getting pricey

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Size isn’t always the most important determinant when considering the best car insurance company

Allstate teen car insurance: what does it cost?

Adding Allstate teen car insurance coverage to your plan can be expensive, as these coverage scenarios illustrate.

Most and least expensive states for car insurance: a 2014 update

The average cost of car insurance rates for all drivers is going down this year, but there are some winners and losers as far as states go.

The least expensive cars to insure: 2014 edition

Have fun and save some money driving one of these 2014 models with the least expensive auto insurance bills.

The 10 most expensive cars to insure: 2014 edition

If you drive one of these cars, you’ll be paying substantially more for car insurance this year, but do you care?

State Farm teen car insurance: just what does it cost?

If you need to add a teen driver to your State Farm car insurance, here’s an idea of what it will cost you.

Adding Teen Drivers to Your Progressive Car Insurance: Steps To Consider

When you add teens to your Progressive car insurance policy, following these tips Progressive offers and it can help you save

Nationwide Car Insurance Prices: A Multi-State Comparison

They may be on your side, but what you pay in Nationwide car insurance prices will vary from state to state