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The seven best car insurance companies of 2013

Finding the best car insurance companies for your unique needs will take some digging. Here are some ratings for 2013.

State Farm car insurance prices: a multi-state comparison

We go looking for a good neighbor in a few states to see the difference in State Farm car insurance prices

Progressive Car Insurance Prices: a Multi-State Comparison

With a driver profile in hand, we go shopping with Flo to see how Progressive car insurance prices line up

Progressive car insurance: an overview of policy options

When shopping for auto insurance coverage, Progressive car insurance offers a number of policy options you should consider

GAP insurance for your car: filing claims

If your new car gets totaled or stolen, you may find yourself having to file gap insurance claims

Looking for classic car insurance? Here are some things to consider.

Your vintage or collector car may be priceless, but your classic car insurance doesn’t have to be.