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Adding Teen Drivers to Your Progressive Car Insurance: Steps To Consider

When you add teens to your Progressive car insurance policy, following these tips Progressive offers and it can help you save

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Adding a newly minted teen driver to your car insurance plan doesn’t have to be painful or excessively expensive. If you have Progressive car insurance, they can actually make it easier to add teen car insurance coverage to your existing policy. They also offer discounts specifically targeted for teen drivers.

Progressive also has a growing number of programs designed to keep everyone in a family with teen drivers as safe as possible while meeting state regulations. Consider following these steps once you have teens getting ready to earn a driver’s license. It will make adding new drivers as painless as possible:

Step 1 – contact your agent early

progressive teen car insuranceLet your Progressive agent know as soon as your teen has a learner’s permit in hand or better yet, get your agent involved early in the process of your teen driver’s quest for a permit. This won’t immediately change your policy. Nonetheless, you are on the hook with Progressive for anything that the teen does while driving on a learner’s permit, because you are supposed to be in the car with him/her at all times for this learning period. Keeping your agent informed allows your agent to offer access to the tools, products and services developed by Progressive offering tips for helping to establish safe driving practices with teen or inexperienced drivers. Early notification will also smooth the transition to offering the full coverage your teen will need in the near future.

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Step 2 – determine which car your teen will drive

Before any teen driver in your family starts to prepare for a driver’s test or starts on the process of pursuing driving training that will lead to a permit and a license, settle on a car that s/he will be using in the training and testing process. There are two reasons to restrict your teen to one car. First, it means s/he will get more familiar with the car, making it more likely that success will be the result during the training and testing steps. Familiarity with a single car will also enhance a teen driver’s chances at establishing more safe driving habits. More relevant for your car insurance, you can choose the safest, most reliable vehicle currently being insured in your family. This may make insuring any teen driver less expensive once s/he earns a license. (Of course, this also brings with it the added bonus of keeping the teen driver(s) safer all around.)

Step 3 – be aware of all the discounts you may be eligible for

Progressive offers a range of discounts that can make teen car insurance less expensive for every family needing to add a teen to an existing policy or (in rare cases) if a parent or family needs to take out separate, individual policies for a teen driver. One of the most notable discounts tailored for teen drivers is Progressive’s good student/good grades discount. While the details may differ from state to state in general, if you or one of your children being added to your policy is a full time student under the age of 23 and maintains a “B” average or better for grades, you all can enjoy a discount on your premium. You may also qualify for a multi-policy/multiple car discount from Progressive when it’s time to get insurance for your teen drivers. Discounts like this are just another reason why it’s often better to add teen drivers to existing policies than having them start out by getting their own, separate insurance coverage.

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Progressive also suggests installing its Snapshot device in any car your teens may be driving (it may also help reduce your costs with other family cars.) This device monitors certain driving habits (rapid acceleration, sudden braking, average and top speeds, etc.). Progressive then uses this data to customize your insurance premium accordingly and to provide even more information to help you curb any risky or unsafe driving habits.

Step 4 – be aware of and discuss the rules of any Graduated Driver’s License (GDL) programs with your teen ahead of time

progressive teen car insuranceAll 50 states now have Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) for new teen drivers, which gives them restricted driving rights and slowly relaxes these restrictions as the teen progresses through stages of learning and responsibility. While each state sets specific details for its GDL guidelines in general, the restrictions imposed on new drivers include:

  • Limiting when a teen can drive (no driving at night is a common restriction)
  • Limiting passengers (most do not allow teens to have passengers other than supervisory parents or guardians)
  • Limiting purposes for driving (only driving to and from school and work or in emergency situations)

As a parent or guardian of a teen driver, you should be aware of whatever GDL guidelines apply in your state and use them as a guideline for imposing your own limits on the total amount of driving allowed. This conversation is an important step in adding your teen to your Progressive car insurance because it can set the stage for an ongoing dialogue leading to safer driving. Helping to instill safer driving practices will protect your teen driver(s) and can ultimately reflect on your car insurance premiums.

Step 5 – examine necessary (and unnecessary) coverage options

Once your teen has earned his/her driver’s license, you are going to want to add him/her to your current car insurance policy. If you’ve properly followed the previous steps, your agent will likely already be keyed in to the fact that you have a teen driver approaching the time when full coverage will be needed. (If you find yourself having to take the initiative and make all of the contacts for letting your agent know you have a teen driver that passed a driver’s test and has a full privilege license, this may be a strong sign and a good time to consider changing car insurance agents.)

If you have a responsible Progressive agent that contacts you to start the process of fully insuring your teen driver, don’t forget to specify the vehicle s/he will be driving and use this moment to review what coverage options you have in place for that car. If the agent comes back quoting you a rate that sounds unreasonable for adding a teen driver to your coverage, don’t be afraid to push back a bit. Be sure that any coverage option being quoted is necessary or even helpful for a teen driver. If you’re still not completely satisfied, take the quote and shop around a bit for a better deal and don’t be afraid to go back to Progressive and show them the results.

Step 6 – consider some innovative alternatives

When you put your teen driver behind the wheel of the family car, ultimately, you are liable for any damage your teen causes while driving that vehicle. Because of that, many parents opt for an innovative coverage option known as an umbrella liability policy when they add a teen to the family car insurance plan. This can serve as an extra safety net of coverage. If your teen driver causes major damage that exceeds the limits of your liability car insurance (exposing you to hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional expenses) an umbrella policy will protect you against the other party or parties pursuing your assets in court. You won’t lose your home or be forced to liquidate other assets to cover these expenses. Progressive offers a wide range of options you can get in an umbrella policy that you can add in addition to you car insurance coverage with them. If your family’s financial circumstances warrant the added protection that an umbrella policy can give, you might also find additional discounts in the multi-policy category of standard discounts offered through Progressive.

Adding a teen driver to Progressive car insurance coverage can be quite easy, especially if you follow these simple steps. If you’re unsure of how to proceed, it might help for you to spend some time visiting with a licensed car insurance professional with access to leading companies like Progressive. Getting your questions answered by an agent ahead of time can further ease the process. Reply! can help by putting you directly in touch with car insurance professionals in your area who are experienced at helping families bring teen drivers into the fold of safe (and well-protected) drivers. 

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