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The least expensive cars to insure: 2014 edition

Have fun and save some money driving one of these 2014 models with the least expensive auto insurance bills.

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If you’ve been reluctant to buy an SUV in the past, this might be your year for adventure when you succumb to the pleasures of a modern SUV. Many of the performance and safety issues have been resolved in this generation’s line of sporty, adventurous cars, so much so that SUVs tend to dominate the list of safest cars. As a result, for auto insurance, the least expensive cars to insure in 2014 reads like a Who’s-Who of SUVs.

Each year, organizations as diverse as Consumer Reports, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Kelley Blue Book, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the online resource Insure.com and the top five to ten car insurance providers contribute analysis to produce a list of the least (and most) expensive cars to insure in a given year.

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For 2014, the top cars for affordable insurance tend to be family-friendly SUVs and more modern versions of the minivan. For car connoisseurs, this is probably no surprise as the modern SUV now has many of the characteristics of the older and current minivans: they are handy for hauling kids, pets and all the related equipment to baseball games and dance lessons and weekend family getaways. Insurance companies (and historical records) support the notion that these cars are safer and in the long run will generate fewer claims. Parents driving kids are among the least likely class of drivers to speed, race, or engage in risky driving behavior resulting in crashes that then result in claims.

Driver and coverage profile

least expensive cars to insure 2014aWhen evaluating the list of least expensive 2014 cars to insure, a driver profile was created and used to go shopping for coverage. The rates listed findings below were for full coverage for a 40-year-old single male who commutes less than 15 miles to work each day. This male driver has a clean driving record and an excellent credit score.

The policy shopped among several of the leading car insurance companies in the country (using a cross-section of from 10-20 zip codes) included:

  • Liability coverage with policy limits of 100/300/50
  • Collision coverage with a $500 deductible
  • Comprehensive coverage with a $500 deductible
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage at 100/300 levels

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least expensive cars to insure 2014bBased on this profile, here are the least expensive 2014 cars to insure and what your average annual premium will be:

  • Jeep Wrangler (Sport) -- $1,000 - $1,100
  • Honda Odyssey (LX) and the Jeep Patriot (Sport) (tied at #2) -- $1,100 - $1,110
  • Honda CR-V (LX) -- $1,110 - $1,125
  • Jeep Compass (Sport), Chrysler Town & Country (Touring), and Subaru Outback (2.5i) (all tied for the #5 spot) -- $1,110 - $1,145
  • Dodge Journey (SE) and Honda Odyssey (EX) (tied for #8) -- $1,150 - $1,155
  • Dodge Grand Caravan (SE) -- $1,155 - $1,160
  • Jeep Patriot (Latitude) -- $$1,160 - $1,170
  • Ford Escape (S) -- $1,170 - $1,175

Other cost factors

least expensive cars to insure 2014cWhile what you actually wind up paying to insure one of these cars to the levels we’ve set here will depend on many factors (the state you live in being a major one), this list should give you some idea of where these cars rank for affordable coverage. Insurance actuaries sift through tons of historical data and ultimately make a “bet” on which cars and drivers will produce the fewest claims. It’s how they set car insurance prices. When drivers of a certain vehicle or from a certain geographical region submit fewer claims and/or less expensive claims, all owners of those vehicles and drivers in that area benefit with better car insurance rates.

Selecting any of the cars on this list will also open the possibility for you to earn additional car insurance premium discounts. These modern SUVs and minivans also rank high on annual safety surveys as they come equipped with a number of safety devices and even some anti-theft features. Most leading car insurance companies will offer drivers a discount for safe cars as well as safe driving records.

If you’re in the market for a new car this year, take a look at some of the models on this list. You and your family may find you can save on your car insurance bill while opening up the possibility of some new driving adventure this year. Reply! can be a great resource for you for finding a new car or for finding affordable car insurance to protect that car. Take a moment today and check out the resources available to help you and your family get the most out of all your investments.

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