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Buying mobile homes HUD owns or backs: a 2014 update

Mobile homes can be an attractive and affordable option and HUD has some innovative new ways to help you buy one

Buyer’s agent or listing agent: what’s the difference?

There are distinct differences when a real estate agent represents a buyer or a seller and you should be aware of them before you become either one.

How to detect lead paint in homes

Because homes built before 1978 often have lead paint and you'll likely want to renovate or make repairs at some point, test for lead paint before you buy.

Houses for sale: what listing sites won't tell you about finding the perfect home

Before you start house hunting and spend hours searching through houses for sale, consider what the listing sites won't tell you. There are many factors other than price and size that determine your perfect home.

Mobile homes for sale: pros vs cons of mobile homes

If you want to own your own home without borrowing a couple hundred thousand dollars, you may want to look at mobile homes for sale. Manufactured homes are affordable and may be moved when you move.

Buying distressed property vs regular property

To decide between buying distressed property vs. regular property, don't expect good homes for extremely cheap prices.

Buying short sale vs regular sale

If you are debating about buying a short sale versus a regular sale, understand that the biggest difference may be the time it takes for both a homeowner and a lender to approve your offer.

Buying pre-foreclosure vs regular sale

When it comes to buying in pre-foreclosure vs. a regular sale, your chances of getting a great deal from a homeowner facing foreclosure depend on the specific situation.

Buying foreclosure vs regular home sale

Wondering what the difference is between buying a foreclosure vs. a regular home sale? There are a number of possible issues associated with foreclosures that you won't find with regular sales.

How to buy a home after chapter 7

It is not impossible to buy a home after a Chaper 7 bankruptcy. Although you may be able to buy immediately, you may get better mortgage terms and a lower down payment requirement if you wait two years.