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Buying mobile homes HUD owns or backs: a 2014 update

Mobile homes can be an attractive and affordable option and HUD has some innovative new ways to help you buy one

Home financing minimum down payment requirements range from 3 to 20 percent

Your home financing minimum down payment depends on the lender and loan program. A traditional lender may require 20 percent of the home cost while an FHA mortgage requires much less.

Top home foreclosure listings online

If you consider a foreclosed home, you may end up purchasing an expansive, valuable property for much less than its market value. Home foreclosure listings can be found in various places, from local newspapers and industry catalogs to the Internet.

Rent or buy: the disadvantages of buying

While owning a home is an American dream, there are several rent or buy disadvantages to explore before making such a huge commitment. Owning a home brings a lot more duties and obligations than you may think.

Refinance a mortgage: rates at Ally Bank

If you are looking for refinance mortgage rates at Ally Bank, you won't find them. Ally Bank is an online bank that provides personal banking products only; it doesn't offer mortgages.

Refinance a mortgage: rates at US Bank

Thanks to the refinance mortgage rates U.S. Bank offers, you may be able to lower your monthly mortgage payments by refinancing your mortgage even if you are not a current customer.

Refinance a mortgage: rates at Citibank/Citimortgage

Low interest rates may have you considering refinancing. If you are interested in refinance mortgage rates, Citibank is worth comparing to other lenders.

Refinance a mortgage with Bank of America

When you refinance a mortgage with Bank of America, you change the terms of your existing mortgage agreement to lower you rate, lower your payments or get cash from your home equity.

Home financing with no credit: how to get approved?

If you want home financing with no credit, you have some work ahead of you because mortgage lenders want to see you have a proven track record of paying bills on time.

Home financing rules for new buyers

Understanding home financing rules can ease your home-buying process and help you get approved for a home mortgage. Your income, credit history and debts must meet specific requirements for you to get a home loan.