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Mobile homes can be an attractive and affordable option and HUD has some innovative new ways to help you buy one

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There are distinct differences when a real estate agent represents a buyer or a seller and you should be aware of them before you become either one.

Buying a home out of state: the steps to take

The process of buying a home in another state depends on your goals and your familiarity with the new location. You need to research and find a good partner.

Changes in real estate advertising: phrases that are not politically correct anymore

Phrases that are no longer politically correct include family home, walking distance, bachelor pad, house for a handyman and safe neighborhood.

Steps to sell a home with tenants

Selling an occupied rental can be a positive experience for everyone if you are upfront with your tenants and sympathetic to the inconveniences for them.

Homeowners insurance: what you need to know before you buy

It is important to understand the basics of home insurance so you get the coverage you need for a reasonable price.

Buying a mobile home: the advantages and disadvantages

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of buying a mobile home and you may be surprised at your findings.

How to find homes with hidden potential

Homes with hidden potential yield the best return on your investment, whether you are buying your first home, an investment property or a house you want to improve and flip.

Credit report and your mortgage: how to improve your credit before applying for a home loan

Analyzing your credit is possibly the most important step you can take before you start house hunting. It will determine your ability to get approved, how much you can afford and your mortgage rate.

6 key reasons VA home loans are best for military homebuyers

VA mortgages continue to help veterans buy homes while approval through other home loan programs becomes more difficult.