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Find real estate agencies in your area

When it's time to buy a home, important early steps include finding real estate agencies that fit your home search, interviewing a few agents and picking the right match for your area and personality.

Foreclosure rates: evaluating your local market

If you want to buy a distressed property, keeping track of foreclosure rates can be a useful way of determining the best times to purchase foreclosed homes. If you watch the market, you can buy a home below market price.

Bankruptcy foreclosure: legal issues for buyers

If you are interested in buying a bankruptcy foreclosure, be aware of the pitfalls of this type of home for sale.

Ways to sell a home in pre-foreclosure

If you are trying to avoid foreclosure, a pre-foreclosure sale may be the answer. There are two ways to sell a home in pre-foreclosure, either a traditional sale or a short sale. Both are means to prevent foreclosure.

Short sale vs deed-in-lieu

To avoid foreclosure and exit your mortgage, you have a couple of options. To decide which is better for your situation, a short sale vs. deed in lieu, learn the pros and cons of each option.

Sell in pre-foreclosure: 4 reasons to sell

If you are unable to make your home mortgage payments, you may sell in pre-foreclosure to avoid the repercussions of foreclosure on your credit.

Housing market home sales tips: knowing when to sell

Demographics, interest rates, government policies and the health of the economy affect the housing market and determine the best time to list your home for sale.

Home staging for open house

Appeal to the senses of your potential buyers with home staging for an open house that includes a manicured yard, clean and well-lit rooms and accents like throw pillows and candles.

Sell my home fast when sales are slow

Setting the right home price, picking a great real estate agent and home staging call all help sell my home fast when sales are slow.

Sell my home fast: things to watch out for

Setting the wrong price, showing your home in poor condition and selling without a real estate agent are all sell my home fast things to watch out for.