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Credit report and your mortgage: how to improve your credit before applying for a home loan

Analyzing your credit is possibly the most important step you can take before you start house hunting. It will determine your ability to get approved, how much you can afford and your mortgage rate.

6 key reasons VA home loans are best for military homebuyers

VA mortgages continue to help veterans buy homes while approval through other home loan programs becomes more difficult.

HUD loans for foreclosed homes

HUD has an impressive inventory of foreclosed homes as well as programs to help you affordably buy one.

Home financing lenders: how to find, compare and research mortgage lenders

Home financing lenders include major and local banks, credit unions and thousands mortgage brokers across the country. The best lender for you depends a lot on personal preference.

Home financing minimum down payment requirements range from 3 to 20 percent

Your home financing minimum down payment depends on the lender and loan program. A traditional lender may require 20 percent of the home cost while an FHA mortgage requires much less.

Home financing process: 4 steps for preparation and pre-approval

A 4-step guide to the home financing process. How to be prepared to apply for a home loan and get pre-approved.

Buy a distressed property from Citibank/Citimortgage

If you'd like to buy a distressed property, Citibank/CitiMortgage is a great place to start

Buy foreclosed homes from Citibank/Citimortgage

You can buy foreclosed homes from Citibank/CitiMortgage, often for prices below market value.

Refinance a mortgage: rates at Ally Bank

If you are looking for refinance mortgage rates at Ally Bank, you won't find them. Ally Bank is an online bank that provides personal banking products only; it doesn't offer mortgages.

Refinance a mortgage with Ally Bank

You might choose to refinance your mortgage with Ally Bank because you want a lower interest rate or becausy Ally Bank no longer services its mortgages.