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Virtual home staging: a picture of real estate listings that sell

What is virtual home staging? How does it help sell homes for which traditional home staging is not an option?

10-step plan for selling your home

Selling your home takes time, planning and effort. Creating a home sale plan that covers logistics, finances and marketing makes the process easier. This 10-step plan covers the basics of home selling.

Home foreclosures: 5 reasons you need a real estate attorney

Hiring a real estate attorney can help you through the foreclosure process. Many states have legal aid programs that provide legal help free of charge.

Foreclosure process: understanding what stage a home is in

If you think you are headed for foreclosure, it is important to understand all the stages of foreclosure and the options available to you at each stage.

Short sale vs foreclosure: which is better for you

If you are behind on your mortgage payments and face foreclosure on your property, you may be comparing a short sale vs. foreclosure. Both damage your credit, yet a foreclosure does more harm.

Curb appeal that sells your home

Pressure washing, landscaping and eye-catching details create curb appeal that sells your home. Here are more curb appeal tips to help your home sale.

Sell your home: cleaning tips

If you are ready to sell your home, cleaning tips like these entice prospective buyers to make an offer quickly.

Pre-foreclosure sale vs foreclosure: which is better for you?

If you can't afford your mortgage, consider whether a pre-foreclosure sale vs. a foreclosure is better for your situation.

Kitchen improvements that sell your home

New appliances, paint, cabinets, flooring or a full remodel are all kitchen improvements that sell your home. Your improvements depend on your budget and the age of your kitchen.

HUD Preforeclosure Sales Program: do you qualify?

If you're struggling to make your mortgage payments and can no longer afford your mortgage, the HUD Preforeclosure Sales Program may be able to help you sell your home and avoid foreclosure.