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How to find homes with hidden potential

Homes with hidden potential yield the best return on your investment, whether you are buying your first home, an investment property or a house you want to improve and flip.

Homes HUD sells: types and the financing options

Buying homes HUD owns may be easier than buying a home in a traditional sale. If you want to purchase your first home or are interested in acquiring a real estate investment property, HUD homes are worth a look.

HUD loans for foreclosed homes

HUD has an impressive inventory of foreclosed homes as well as programs to help you affordably buy one.

Are government foreclosures good investments?

Foreclosed homes are often less expensive than other homes on the market, but that does not necessarily mean they are good investments. Government foreclosures can have issues or be a great deal.

Buying a HUD home: qualifications for HUD programs

When it comes to buying a HUD home, qualifications guidelines vary depending on the program. In general, the requirements are much more lax than traditional lenders'.

Buy a HUD home: financial assistance for single mothers

If you want to buy a foreclosed home, a HUD home or a real estate through a traditional home sale, HUD has programs to help you buy a HUD home home as a single mom or dad.

Buy a HUD home: mobile homes and manufactured homes

If you want to buy a HUD home, mobile homes and manufactured homes are for sale through the government agency. Plus, you may qualify for federal mortgage programs.

Buying foreclosure help

Buying foreclosure help is available from a variety of different sources, including banks and lenders, the government and real estate agents in your community.

Short sales home listings: a guide to resources

If you are interested in buying a new home or investment property from short sale home listings, you may get a good deal from a motivated buyer.

HUD home sale listings: a guide to resources

First homes, multi-family rentals and $1 properties all on HUD home sale listings