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Houses for sale: what listing sites won't tell you about finding the perfect home

Before you start house hunting and spend hours searching through houses for sale, consider what the listing sites won't tell you. There are many factors other than price and size that determine your perfect home.

How to buy a home after chapter 7

It is not impossible to buy a home after a Chaper 7 bankruptcy. Although you may be able to buy immediately, you may get better mortgage terms and a lower down payment requirement if you wait two years.

How to buy a home after a short sale

If you want to buy a home after a short sale, finding the proper home loan may depend on the money you have for a required down payment.

Buy home: lease option has pros and cons

If you are building your credit, and want to a buy home, a lease option may be an ideal way to achieve homeownership.

How to buy home on contract

Learn how you can achieve homeownership without getting a traditional mortgage if you buy a home on contract.

Buy home with no money down: options for buyers

The government offers low down payment loan programs and grants to cover down payments, so you may have options for buying a home with no money down.

Buy home low income: help available

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers several loan programs to help you get a mortgage to buy a home on low income.

Buy home vs build home: what you need to know

You will find pros and cons to both options when you're trying to decide whether to buy a home vs. build a home.

Buy a home with bad credit: what are your options?

A good credit history increases your chances of a home loan approval, but you can still buy a home with bad credit.

Buy home for cash: benefits and drawbacks

Weigh the pros and cons before you buy a home for cash. You can avoid mortgage interest entirely, yet you won't have a home loan tax deduction.