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6 steps for buying from pre-foreclosure listings

You can find pre-foreclosure listings several ways. Here are six steps to help you understand how to buy homes in pre-foreclosure, including short sales.

Pre-foreclosure sale: how to work with homeowners

If you are interested in a pre-foreclosure sale, you may be able to work with the homeowners to help them avoid foreclosure and get you a good price on your new home.

Short sale vs foreclosure: which is better for you

If you are behind on your mortgage payments and face foreclosure on your property, you may be comparing a short sale vs. foreclosure. Both damage your credit, yet a foreclosure does more harm.

Pre-foreclosure sale vs foreclosure: which is better for you?

If you can't afford your mortgage, consider whether a pre-foreclosure sale vs. a foreclosure is better for your situation.

VA short sale process and guidelines

If you have a mortgage through the Department of Veterans Affairs and cannot afford to make your payments, you may request a VA short sale to avoid foreclosure and exit your mortgage.

Buying short sale vs regular sale

If you are debating about buying a short sale versus a regular sale, understand that the biggest difference may be the time it takes for both a homeowner and a lender to approve your offer.

Ways to sell a home in pre-foreclosure

If you are trying to avoid foreclosure, a pre-foreclosure sale may be the answer. There are two ways to sell a home in pre-foreclosure, either a traditional sale or a short sale. Both are means to prevent foreclosure.

Short sale vs deed-in-lieu

To avoid foreclosure and exit your mortgage, you have a couple of options. To decide which is better for your situation, a short sale vs. deed in lieu, learn the pros and cons of each option.

Short sale benefits for the seller

Short sales can be a good alternative to foreclosure, for both you and your lender.

How to market a pre-foreclosure sale

If you want to sell your home to avoid foreclosure, learn how to market a pre-foreclosure sale to entice buyers.