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6 steps for buying from pre-foreclosure listings

You can find pre-foreclosure listings several ways. Here are six steps to help you understand how to buy homes in pre-foreclosure, including short sales.

Pre-foreclosure sale: how to work with homeowners

If you are interested in a pre-foreclosure sale, you may be able to work with the homeowners to help them avoid foreclosure and get you a good price on your new home.

Buy a short sale from a bank

If you want to get a good deal on a new home, you may consider buying a short sale from a bank. Technically, you will buy from the homeowner with the bank's approval.

Rent or buy a short sale home: weighing the options

If you have ever wondered whether you should rent or buy a short sale home, there are several things that you may want to consider. Buying a home through a short sale may require more expertise and patience than you have.

HUD Preforeclosure Sales Program: do you qualify?

If you're struggling to make your mortgage payments and can no longer afford your mortgage, the HUD Preforeclosure Sales Program may be able to help you sell your home and avoid foreclosure.

Ways to sell a home in pre-foreclosure

If you are trying to avoid foreclosure, a pre-foreclosure sale may be the answer. There are two ways to sell a home in pre-foreclosure, either a traditional sale or a short sale. Both are means to prevent foreclosure.

Stop Arkansas home foreclosure: short sale as an option

If are struggling to pay your mortgage payments and your lender is starting the foreclosure process, you can stop Arkansas home foreclosure with a short sale.

Stop Alabama home foreclosure: short sale as an option

If you are in a financial hardship and cannot afford your mortgage even if it is reduced, there are ways to stop foreclosure. One way to stop an Alabama home foreclosure is a short sale.

Stop Alaska home foreclosure: short sale as an option

Is your home worth less than you owe on it? One way to stop Alaska home foreclosure is a short sale. Talk to your lender today.

Short sale drawbacks for the seller

If you have been thinking that it might be a good idea to sell your home in pre-foreclosure, it is a good way to avoid foreclosure. However, there are some short sale drawbacks that you should know.