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6 steps for buying from pre-foreclosure listings

You can find pre-foreclosure listings several ways. Here are six steps to help you understand how to buy homes in pre-foreclosure, including short sales.

Buy a home in pre-foreclosure from a bank

If you want to buy home preforeclosure bank properties, you often need to go directly to the owner and work out a deal that pleases both the owner and the bank.

Buying pre-foreclosure vs regular sale

When it comes to buying in pre-foreclosure vs. a regular sale, your chances of getting a great deal from a homeowner facing foreclosure depend on the specific situation.

Buy home in foreclosure vs pre-foreclosure

Your ability to view homes and have them inspected are different if you buy a home in foreclosure vs. pre-foreclosure.

Buy home in pre-foreclosure vs short sale

When weighing the decision to buy a home in pre-foreclosure vs short sale, remember that both sales have risks and perks.