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State farm auto insurance medical payment coverage: what you should know

Medical payment coverage may be a smart addition to your car insurance policy and State Farm has some option you can choose from

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When shopping for car insurance, you want to build a policy that best suits your individual or family needs. State Farm auto insurance medical payment coverage provides help and support when you suffer from injuries after an accident and it may be an option you’ll want to add to your coverage.

One of the first things you should know is that medical payment coverage is not the same as medical insurance. medical payments coverage for your car insuranceIt does not cover medical conditions or injuries that you receive at work or school. It is only valid for injuries sustained as the result of an automobile accident, but it will cover your medical bills whether the accident is your fault or the fault of another driver.

For example, you might suffer a sprained wrist after someone accidentally backs into your car. If you have medical payment coverage, State Farm will cover the cost of your medical bills after the accident. You might not think about auto accident medical bills until an accident occurs, but you should (especially if you don’t have health insurance separately or through your employment.)

If you have expanded coverage on your State Farm car insurance policy accident-related funeral expenses are also covered. State Farm does not charge you a deductible when you have to use your medical or funeral expenses provisions, and you won't face any costly copays at a doctor’s office or emergency room when you are treated for your injuries. These providers will bill State Farm directly.

If you currently have personal or family health insurance coverage you’re paying directly for or receiving through your work, you may want to review the coverage this policy provides before reviewing whether to add medical state farm medical payments coveragepayment coverage to your car insurance policy.

The cost for adding this level of coverage to your car insurance policy will depend on a number of factors. Where you currently live will have some impact on your cost as will the level of coverage you set. Since this type of coverage does not have a deductible or a co-pay you will be responsible for, you will have to select a level or coverage when considering the addition of this type of coverage. Talk with a local State Farm agent to get a better understanding of what levels of coverage are available in your area and what it will cost you.


With State Farm auto insurance medical payment coverage, you don't need to worry about how you will pay your medical bills should you be involved in an accident, Reply! can help you by connecting you to a local insurance professional who can show you all of the coverage options available to you.

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