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Farmers car insurance comprehensive coverage: what to consider

When you purchase Farmers auto insurance, consider adding Farmers car insurance comprehensive coverage as an option

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Driving on a regular basis, you and your family will encounter dozens of possible hazards that can damage your car. You can protect yourself against that damage with something like Farmers car insurance comprehensive coverage.

Coverage against almost anything

farmerscomp1Like car insurance collision coverage, comprehensive coverage helps to pay for any damage sustained by your car in an accident. It goes beyond collision in a way because it covers the repair to damage caused by a broad range of non-collision events that can cause damage to your car. Some standard events that can trigger your need to file a comprehensive claim include:

  • Floods
  • Car Fires
  • Theft
  • Severe weather
  • Falling or flying objects
  • Damage caused by animals (that you hit or that hit you)
  • Other Acts of God

There are also a few other non-collision, non-Acts-of-God events that can cause damage to your car and that would be covered under a Farmers car insurance comprehensive coverage option, such as damage caused by a riot or by vandals.

Determining your need

farmerscomp2Evaluating whether you need to add an option like comprehensive is a similar process to determining if you need collision coverage. Your first step should be to make sure you aren’t under contractual obligations to carry comprehensive due to the terms and conditions of a car loan or lease. As with collision, you will need to set a level of coverage for your comprehensive option that will at least “replace” the value of any car you are covering in the event a comprehensive car claim transforms into a totaled car claim. You will also have to select a deductible for your comprehensive (and it will be separate and above any deductible you may have should you also be carrying collision coverage.)

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Calculating your need for comprehensive is a little different than calculating your need for collision. In addition to making a cost-value analysis, you should also factor in things like your possible exposure to events that could trigger a claim. Answer some of these questions:

  • Do you live in an area that routinely experiences severe and damaging weather?
  • Is there a high car theft rate or vandalism level where you live?
  • Is where you park your car surrounded by tall or older trees?
  • Do you have a commute that regularly exposes you to flying rocks or wild animals crossing the road?

More than just the bare dollars-and-cents of it, you will want to weigh all of these factors when considering whether to add comprehensive.

Take steps to lower your rates

Unlike some insurance companies, Farmers allows you the flexibility of adding comprehensive coverage by itself. (Some companies force you to have collision in place in order to get comprehensive, and vice-versa.) In some states, Farmers also offers some modifications to the standard comprehensive package that can make it more affordable and attractive as an option, such as offering zero-deductible on glass repair or windshield replacement.

To be clear, comprehensive is one of the more expensive coverage options you can add to a car insurance policy. Taking advantage of some of the flexibility options you can find with Farmers will offset some of that cost. You can also take steps such as selecting a higher deductible (that will generally lower your rates.) Be sure you ask your Farmers representative about all of the car insurance premium discounts they have and that you can apply for.

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One of the best ways to determine if an option like Farmers car insurance comprehensive coverage is one you should take advantage of is to spend some time with a local, licensed car insurance agent familiar with companies like Farmers. An agent can help you determine what types of coverage you should have and at what levels. An agent will also be able to help you get all the discounts you are eligible for. Let Reply! help as we can link you to car insurance agents in your area who will be eager to help you build just the right car insurance plan.

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