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  • Farmers car insurance personal injury protection (PIP) coverage: prices & policy options

Farmers car insurance personal injury protection (PIP) coverage: prices & policy options

Car accidents can cause serious injuries and having Farmers car insurance personal injury protection (PIP) coverage in place can help defray the cost of treatment

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When you build a car insurance policy, you want to have all the coverage options in place that make sense to protect you and your family. Safeguarding your family and passengers against serious injury is crucial and adding an option like Farmers car insurance personal injury protection (PIP) coverage might be wise.

PIP covers a wide range of events

emergency treatment and transportation are just two services paid for by farmers car insurance personal injury protection (PIP) coverageWhile the first layer of building any proper car insurance plan will include bodily injury liability coverage (a requirement in most states) drivers should remember that liability only covers expenses to treat other parties in the accident you cause. It has limited scope in covering treatment for injuries you sustain, your passengers sustain or any family members you have insured who might be driving your car and causing an accident.

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To protect yourself, your family and any passengers you may have with you from debilitating expenses in the event of a serious car accident, you need to look at a coverage option like PIP. With a Farmers car insurance PIP coverage option in place, depending on the state you live in, PIP can cover the expenses for:

  • Medical bills
  • Hospital stays
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of services
  • Recovery-related expenses such as day care or housecleaning

PIP works with health insurance (if you have it) and is crucial if you don’t

PIP is designed to work in conjunction with any health insurance coverage you may have, whether you’ve purchased it on your own for your family or whether you receive health insurance coverage through your employer. PIP will not tax your deductibles or benefits for that policy if you are being treated for accident-related injuries. In fact, one compelling reason drivers add PIP, even if they have health insurance protection, is to safeguard against running into high deductibles, co-pays for treatment and restrictions on providers who can offer covered treatment

Farmers PIP coverage also includes provisions in that coverage that will protect you and the named insured members of your family if you are riding in another person's car or even if any of you are hurt as a pedestrian hit by another driver in a car.

Cost & coverage levels

even if you have health insurance you should consider farmers car insurance PIP coverageThe cost for adding PIP coverage to your Famers car insurance policy is remarkably affordable, especially given all that can be covered. The added premium cost will depend on a few factors, most notably, the level of coverage you want to put in place.  You should note that there are some states that set statutory minimum and maximum levels of allowable PIP coverage that can be added to any car insurance policy, so be sure to consult with your Farmers representative to see if you are limited by your state’s rules as to how much you can add.

A quick online search of comparative states suggests that you can add a Farmers car insurance PIP coverage option with a $50,000-per-accident limit for as little as $20 in additional premium over the term of coverage. (Rates and rules vary by state and again, be sure you check with your Farmers representative to find the best options in your state.)

Is PIP a required coverage?

There are a number of states in the US considered no fault states where car insurance laws and requirements are concerned. In these states, licensed drivers are required to have in place some form of no fault car insurance coverage. In many instances, these states allow drivers to select either medical payments coverage or PIP coverage to fulfill this requirement. Both PIP and medical payments options will pay out benefits regardless of who is found at fault.

Medical payments coverage typically reimburses for fewer accident-related expenses than PIP coverage. Because of that, some states have specifically required licensed drivers to carry PIP coverage as a way of fulfilling that state’s no fault insurance coverage requirements. Be sure you know what your state’s requirements are for all your car insurance coverage options.

(Refer to this guide for a more detailed explanation of Farmers car insurance coverage options)


Nobody ever want to think about the prospect of getting into a serious car accident, but if you do suffer one, you won’t want to compound the tragedy by facing steep expenses to treat any injuries you or your family members may suffer. That’s why you should give serious consideration to options like Farmers car insurance personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. To find out what your coverage options, limits and even possible discounts on premium might be, it can help to spend time with a licensed, local car insurance agent familiar with leading companies like Farmers. Reply! can help facilitate a meeting like that by linking you to car insurance professionals in your area eager to help you and your family get all the protection you can afford.

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