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Ameriprise car insurance collision coverage: things you should know

You survived the rollover crash, but did your car? Ameriprise car insurance collision coverage can help

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Anyone can be involved in a fender-bender with a car or accidentally get too close to the pole in the bank drive-thru. When these things happen, it is good to have insurance so any damage caused to your car can be repaired. Ameriprise car insurance collision coverage could be the perfect solution for those unfortunate occasions.

A smart option for you?

There are several types of insurance available to you through Ameriprise car insurance. Collision coverage add ameriprise car insurance collision coverageprotects you in the event you are involved in an accident with your car whether you were at fault or not. More specifically, this option will pay for repairs if you hit another car or an object or if you are inolved in a rollover.

For example, if you back into a car because your parallel parking skills are rusty, your collision coverage will pay the car accident repair expenses for your car, as well as damage you cause to the other car (if it's above or beyond the limits of the property damage liability coverage you have in place.) It will also cover damages caused to your car if you hit a patch of ice and bounce off a guardrail.

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While no state requires you to carry collision coverage as a licensed driver, you may have requirements for including this type of coverage option any ways. If you have a newer car you are financing or if you are leasing a car, you may need to carry collision coverage. Most terms and conditions of car loans or leases require you to carry collision or comprehensive or both options as a way to protect the lender/lessee's collateral interest in your car until you own it or complete the terms of your lease.

Other options to consider

Along with collision coverage, there are other types of insurance you can get through Ameriprise. Comprehensive coverage will cover other things that can happen to damage your car. For example, if you hit a deer and don't roll your car, comprehensive coverage will pay for those repairs. It will also pay out if your car is flooded, vandalized or gets pummeled during a hail storm. If your car is stolen, comprehensive coverage would pay for any damage as a result, including if the car is never recovered.

Ameriprise car insurance collision coverage can also be paired with uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage. Uninsured coverage covers accidents with people who do not have insurance, while underinsured coverage pays for accidents with drivers who have insurance, but not enough to cover all your damages they cause.

Ameriprise discounts

ameriprise car insurance collision coverageNot only can you get all the coverage you need, you can also save money in the process. Ameriprise offers a variety of discounts that can be applied to your policy to offset the costs of the insurance. For example, if your younger drivers are good students, providing proof of this can get you a good student discount. If you add an anti-theft device to your vehicle, you can claim a discount.

Own more than one car? Combine all your cars on one policy and it could be cheaper to insure them as a group than individually. Combining your auto insurance and your homeowner's or renter's insurance can bring you a substantial savings with Ameriprise as well.


Insurance is a necessary expense and Ameriprise car insurance collision coverage strives to keep it affordable. To know for sure if this is an option you should consider adding to your coverage, you may want to visit with a local car insurance agent with access to leading companies like Ameriprise. An agent can show you a variety of coverage plans designed to fit any budget and keep you well protected. Reply! can help by connecting you to car insurance agents in your area who can help you make the best decision for you and your family.

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