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Encompass car insurance liability coverage: things you should know

Encompass car insurance liability coverage is a good first step in building you a comprehensive and affordable car insurance coverage plan

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Every state sets a minimum level of liability car insurance coverage it requires from licensed drivers in that state. If you're looking to fulfill your state's obligations, or if you're looking to review your current car insurance coverage, one of the options you may consider is Encompass car insurance liability coverage.

Know what liability covers

protect yourself financially with encompass car insurance liability coverageIf you decide to get Encompass car insurance liability coverage, you will discover that there are three different parts to this type of coverage. The liability auto insurance Encompass offers includes:

  • Coverage for bodily injuries you cause to a single person, per-accident
  • Coverage for the sum total of bodily injuries you cause per accident
  • Coverage for the sum total of property damage you cause, per-accident

Each of these different types of coverage has a different maximum amount of coverage, but they are all considered part of your Encompass car insurance liability coverage. Remember, these coverage specifications are to protect your financial liability in cases where you are found to be at fault in an accident. Your liability coverage pays for treating injuries or repairing property damage you cause to others (or their property) in an accident. This coverage does nothing to pay for damage you cause to your own car.

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Liability...it's just the basics

It may be relatively inexpensive to get a car insurance policy that only includes liability coverage and/or only covers what is legally required by your state. Because liability is generally considered the frontline of coverage and it is typically required in each state, rates for liability-only policies are comparatively lower than more complicated policies. Drivers can easily be lulled into putting liability-only clauses and policies in place, believing that they will save money and have proper protection in place. In the long run, that generally isn’t true and for that reason, most insurance experts strongly suggest that you put in place liability coverage levels that exceed your state's minimum requirements. If you cause an accident that results in costs exceeding your liability coverage limits, you could find yourself in court as the other party seeks remedies to get full compensation for the damage you caused. You will also find that nearly all car insurance companies (especially the leading carriers) will actually offer you a lower overall base rate on policies that have higher-than-minimum liability levels in place. Getting more liability coverage than is legally required not only protects you (and perhaps the insurer) from the possibility of legal action for the pursuit of compensation by another party, it also show the insurer that you are serious about being a responsible driver as you seek to have as much coverage in place as you can afford.

You might need more than just the basics

encompass car insurance liability coverageIf you have a newer or more expensive car, Encompass auto insurance liability coverage may not be enough for you and your family. You may also live in a state that requires you to have more insurance in place than just liability car insurance. There are some states that will require you to carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage in addition to your liability options. There are also a number of states that are considered no fault state for car insurance purposes. In these states, you may also be required to carry a no fault option like medical payments or personal injury protection (PIP) along with your required liability.

In any of these cases, you may want to opt for a more expansive coverage policy. If so, Encompass car insurance can accommodate you as it offers a wide range of policies. Encompass also offers a number of service and policy features that can help you save money.

Under the Encompass accident forgiveness feature, your premiums will not increase if you are in an accident. As part of this plan, you can save up to 5 percent on your premiums if nobody on your policy is involved in a crash over a 12-month period. On the other hand, if you are never in an accident and have no need to take advantage of an accident forgiveness feature, you can probably qualify for an Encompass safe driver discount.

If you have a new vehicle with a loan or a lease, your lender/lessee will probably require you to carry comprehensive or collision coverage (or even both options) as a way of protecting their interest in the vehicle until you own it outright or fulfill the terms of the lease. If you're concerned that collision or comprehensive options won't fully cover the entire cost of replacing a new vehicle, you can take advantage of the Encompass new car vehicle replacement option. 


When you start to build your car insurance coverage plan, Encompass car insurance liability coverage may be a great place to start. To know for sure, you may want to visit with a local, licensed car insurance agent with access to companies like Encompass. An agent can show you a variety of policy options to fit every driving need and any budget. That way, you can compare before you buy. Let Reply! help by putting you in touch with car insurance agents in your area eager to help you get all the car insurance coverage you need.

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