Best hybrid cars

If you want a car that combines performance with outstanding fuel economy, this guide to the best hybrid cars can help you find a model that's right for you.

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The rising cost of gasoline has become a determining factor in choosing a vehicle, making hybrid cars a wise investment. With so many car companies offering hybrids, researching the best hybrid cars available can help you find one that suits your needs. Browsing reviews, car rankings and buyer's guides helps you narrow down your choices so you can find electric cars with enhanced horsepower, roomy interiors and the best miles per gallon, giving you more bang for your buck.

Toyota Prius C
Toyota Prius - Best hybrid carsThe Toyota Prius C is one of the most affordable hybrid cars with prices starting at less than $19,000. This five-door hatchback has a fuel economy of 53 mpg in the city and 46 mpg on the highway, and you can use even less fuel if you operate the car in its Eco mode. Using the same hybrid Synergy drive as mid-sized Prius cars, the Toyota Prius C costs $4000 less, making it an inexpensive, fuel-efficient option. Affordability makes the Prius C one of the best hybrid cars on the road

Ford Fusion Hybrid
With prices starting at $27,000, the Ford Fusion Hybrid 2013 electric car offers a fuel economy of 47 mpg for both city and highway miles, making it one of the most economical hybrids on the market. The mid-sized sedan stays in electric mode for long periods with controlled acceleration, giving you even more fuel economy. The car runs smoothly and quietly, thanks to a third-generation drive system that includes a lithium battery pack and two electric motors. 

Chevy Volt
Chevy VoltWith its mix of comfort and efficiency, the Chevrolet Volt is one of the best hybrid cars for commuters. Prices begin at $31,645 for the mid-sized sedan, making it comparable to other Chevrolet models. The economical car features 35 mpg when you're tooling around the city and 40 mpg on the highway, so you won't have to visit the gas station as often.

Lincoln MKZ
The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid from Ford starts at $36,000, providing an excellent entry-level luxury car. The sedan features a roomy interior and 11 cubic feet of trunk space, giving you plenty of room for kids and groceries. The electric car uses an identical drive system as the one in the Ford Fusion and offers 45 mpg in the city and on the highway, saving you more on gas and time between fill-ups.

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Luxury hybrid cars are gaining more and more popularity as people are becoming concerned with improved fuel economy without having to sacrifice features and amenities they're used to. When it comes to determining the best hybrid cars of the year, it will ultimately come down to your budget and whether you're most concerned with features, performance or gas mileage since the cars in this category vary quite dramatically in all of these areas.

Mercedes S400
Mercedes S400 - Best hybrid carsIf you're looking for a gasoline-electric hybrid that doesn't sacrifice anything in terms of luxury amenities and performance, the 2013 Mercedes Benz S400 is one of the best-selling hybrid luxury cars on the market. The S400 is incredibly well designed both inside and out, making it one of the classiest and most comfortable cars you're likely to ever drive. However, if you're expecting superior fuel economy, you should probably look elsewhere. The S400 somehow comes in lower than the 21 mpg offered by the gasoline-only S350.

Infiniti M35h
If you're put off by the high price or low fuel economy of the S400, you might want to consider the 2013 Infiniti M35h. This vehicle is truly one of the best hybrid cars on the market, with very few others even coming close to matching it in terms of overall balance of performance, gas mileage and cost. The interior is stylishly designed, with all of the options and features you'd expect of a luxury vehicle.

Its base price of around $52,000 makes it one of the more affordable cars in this category. Overall, while not being the most stylish or flashy car on the road, the M35h's combination of price, performance and fuel economy ensures you won't go wrong with the car.

Lexus GS Hybrid
Lexus GS HybridIf your main concern is still saving money at the gas pump, the Lexus GS Hybrid's 32 mpg in the city comes in at the top of all luxury hybrid cars. Nonetheless, Lexus was able to achieve this impressive feat without sacrificing much in terms of horsepower, so you can rest assured the GS Hybrid will still provide plenty of power and superior handling in almost any road conditions. These factors go a long way towards explaining why the GS Hybrid is the choice of many critics for the top luxury hybrid.

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If you want more information on the other vehicles in this class, Use Reply! to compare the best hybrid cars and find the lowest price estimates in your area. You can't go wrong with any of the cars listed above since all of them continue to rank among the best hybrid cars. Each of these top picks successfully combines the improved gas mileage of a hybrid with the superior style and comfort.

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