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  • Kemper car insurance: an overview of policy options

Kemper car insurance: an overview of policy options

Kemper car insurance is still one of the most trusted names in the business

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Getting the best price and coverage possible is critical when shopping for auto insurance. If you are considering Kemper car insurance, it is important to understand the various coverage options available. One of the benefits available to consumers who are considering Kemper car insurance is the ability to customize your auto insurance policy.

Get all the coverage you need

The state where you live and drive has minimum car insurance requirements for its licensed drivers. There are kemper car insuranceminimum required limits for bodily injury and personal property lilability in each state. Some states also require licensed drivers to carry a no fault coverage option like medical payments coverage, and some states also add a requirement for uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage, Kemper car insurance can ensure you meet whatever your state's requirements are.

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For those who want more customizable options in their auto insurance plans, Kemper offers the Personally Yours® package. Several enhancements are available with this car insurance, including the Kemper Total™ option. With this package, you will be protected if your vehicle is significantly damaged as a result of a covered loss. Although many insurance companies will only pay for the actual cash or Blue Book value of a vehicle, Kemper pays the full amount necessary for the vehicle to be fully repaired or pay the amount needed to purchase a new car, depending on whichever amount is less. This coverage option is available for both purchased vehicles as well as leased vehicles. With this Kemper car insurance option, you can double your limits for rental car reimbursement.

If you are considering Kemper car insurance policy options, you should also be aware that you can take advantage of an auto loan/lease gap option. With this type of coverage, you will be protected if your vehicle is totaled in an accident. This means that Kemper will pay the difference between the actual cash value of your vehicle and the amount remaining on your lease or auto loan. When you purchase the Kemper Total™ coverage option, this enhancement is included with your policy.

Another Kemper car insurance policy option to consider is the Parked Auto option. With this coverage option, you can ensure your vehicle is protected when it is parked legally. If your vehicle is not occupied but parked legally, Kemper will waive your collision/comprehensive deductible on any covered losses.

Save with Kemper discounts

kemper car insurance coverageIn selecting the right policy option for your needs, it is important to make sure that you take advantage of available discounts. Kemper offers a number of immediate savings that can assist you in reducing the cost of your insurance. Some of the possible discounts you can apply for include:

  • Anti-theft devices discount
  • Anti-lock brakes discount
  • Multi-car discounts
  • Good student discount
  • Driver training discounts
  • Passive restraint/airbags discount

In addition, Kemper also offers possible future savings in the form of an accident forgiveness program. After you have become a customer of Kemper, your rates will not increase following your first minor moving violation conviction or accident. You will need to first complete a qualifying period of time which varies from state to state.


Kemper car insurance offers a number of important advantages, including a variety of car insurance options. To see all the posisble benefits, you may want to visit with an experienced car insurance agent with access to leading companies like Kemper. An agent will be able to show you a variety of coverage plans with varying options and costs, Reply! can assist you in this project by connecting you to car insurance agents near you who can help you determine whether Kemper car insurance is the right choice for you.

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