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Toyota RAV4 vs Ford Edge

Toyota RAV4 vs Ford Edge: a comparison of SUVs rugged enough for country off-roading and compact enough for city driving.

Honda CR-V vs Ford Edge

Comparison of compact SUVs with efficient gas mileage: Ford Edge vs Honda CR-V.

Ford Edge vs Chevy Equinox

Comparing American crossover SUVs with roomy interiors and smooth rides: Ford Edge vs Chevy Equinox.

Ford Edge vs Subaru Forester

Comparing compact SUVs with sporty rides: Ford Edge vs Subaru Forester.

Ford Edge vs Subaru Outback

Ford Edge vs Subaru Outback: A comparison of crossovers with modern and sporty designs.

Ford Edge vs Hyundai Santa Fe

A comparison of well-reviewed and affordable crossover SUVs: Ford Edge vs Hyundai Santa Fe.

Ford Edge vs Kia Sportage

A comparison of compact SUVs with outstanding fuel economy: Kia Sportage vs Ford Edge.

Ford Edge Price and Overview

Ford Edge price guide: This crossover SUV combines a low sticker price with outstanding fuel economy and long-term dependability.

Best Selling Midsize SUVs

Price guide to the best-selling midsize SUVs of the year: Models include the Chevy Traverse and Hyundai Santa Fe.

Cars with the Cheapest Insurance Rates

A guide to the cars with the cheapest insurance rates: The cost of driving is expensive, but these autos help make it a little bit easier on the wallet.