Nissan LEAF Mpg and Performance

The Nissan LEAF mpg and performance guide: The Nissan LEAF is an industry-leading electric car that is one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the planet.

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Even a few short years ago, people thought electric cars wouldn't really be feasible for many years to come. However, the Nissan LEAF has gone a long way to dispel these myths, and considering the Nissan LEAF mpg rating, you may soon be one of the many who have decided now is the time to start making a difference and working toward reducing your carbon footprint.

MPG ratings

Nissan Leaf mpgThe Nissan LEAF was one of the first fully electric cars to hit the market, making its debut back in 2011. The latest Nissan LEAF mpg rating is the best you will ever find, as the EPA gives it a fuel economy rating of 129 mpg in the city and 102 mpg on the highway. Of course, this is an adjusted number, known as equivalent gas mileage.

This number roughly corresponds to how many miles you would be able to travel on the battery charge as compared to how many miles you could travel on a tank of gas.


After looking at these impressive Nissan LEAF mpg numbers, you might already be convinced that this is the perfect vehicle for you. However, you also need to be aware of the limitations that come along with Nissan Leafhaving a fully electric, battery-powered car. The biggest drawback is that you'll have a limit to how many miles you can drive on one battery, and once your battery is drained, you'll need to plug it in overnight before setting back off on the road.

With the Leaf, you should be able to drive approximately 75 miles on one charge, meaning it is definitely not appropriate for much more than short commutes and other quick daily trips. Still, the average American drives less than 30 miles a day, meaning that the LEAF might just be the perfect way to completely eliminate the money you've been wasting on gasoline. 


The Nissan LEAF produces absolutely zero carbon emissions, making it even more environmentally friendly than a hybrid, which still relies partly on gasoline. While this definitely limits performance, the LEAF still manages an impressive 107 horsepower, and most critics are quite amazed at the power it is able to generate with such a small electric engine.

All of this is available at an affordable cost, with the base price of the LEAF coming in between $21,000 and $28,000, depending on which model you choose.

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If you're not convinced that electric car technology is yet at the point to make these cars worthwhile, Buyerlink is a good place to see what your other environmentally friendly car options are. Nonetheless, after looking again at those outstanding Nissan LEAF mpg numbers, you might decide that its benefits far outweigh its limitations.

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