Dodge Ram vs Chevy Silverado

Buyer's guide comparing the Dodge Ram vs Chevy Silverado, two iconic trucks from two iconic American brands.

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Driving a pickup truck lets you feel like a real cowboy or cowgirl even when driving in the city. Dodge and Chevy are two of the leading manufacturers of trucks, and when you look at a Dodge Ram vs. Chevy Silverado chart, you get a chance to see the features of each model. Whether you know the exact model that you want or you are still on the fence, compare these two trucks.

Gas Mileage

Chevy SilveradoThere are a variety of things that you might look at when shopping for a pickup, but most drivers tend to look at the gas mileage. Gas mileage refers to the average number of miles that the truck goes on a gallon of gas. Trucks notoriously get bad gas mileage because the vehicles are heavier and encounter more wind resistance, but the Silverado and Ram get better gas mileage than you might expect.

The Dodge Ram gets an average of 17 mpg on city streets and 25 mpg on the highway. That gas mileage is a little higher than you'll find on the Chevrolet Silverado, which only gets 13 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway.


Dodge Ram vs Chevy SilveradoIt is also important that you take a look at the base prices. Base price is the cost that you might pay for the standard or basic model without any bells or whistles. The Silverado costs around $33,000, while the Ram has a price tag of $35,000. Depending on the dealership, you can often knock a few thousand dollars off the price of the truck.

The Silverado is also available in a hybrid model, which has a higher price tag. The hybrid version gets more miles per gallon, has a better and more comfortable ride inside and has a lower overall cost of ownership than the traditional Silverado model.

Payload Capacity

Any comparison of two pickups will look at the load capacity of the trucks. The Ram gets slightly better reviews because it has a solid V-6 engine that gives it greater towing capacity and load capacity without sacrificing the ride. More horsepower in the engine and improved handling make the Ram a solid truck. The Silverado has a better towing capacity than the Ram, though some reviews note that the ride feels a little rocky or uncomfortable when towing larger and heavier objects. 

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The truck that you choose depends on a number of factors. If you like traditional pickups that can tow your boat or camper, you might prefer the Silverado. If you prefer a smoother ride and more horsepower, you might opt for the Ram. Buyerlink provides truck buyers with details on caring for their trucks, choosing new vehicles, and finding qualified mechanics. Use Buyerlink to find local quotes and take test drives to resolve your Dodge Ram vs. Chevy Silverado comparison and determine which truck is best for you.

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