BMW 328i vs Mercedes C250

Comparing luxury sedans with high performance to go with efficient fuel economy: BMW 328i vs Mercedes C250.

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Purchasing a luxury sedan that will not only fit your budget but also meet your lifestyle standards can be complicated, especially if you are searching for a vehicle with specific features. If you are looking for a high-performance vehicle, then a BMW 328i vs. Mercedes-Benz C250 car buying guide can assist you in your search for a luxury sedan tailored to your driving needs.

Before you decide on your next vehicle, you need to compare the price of the vehicle against the offered mileage. If you wish to purchase a luxury car with excellent fuel mileage, expect to pay a minimum of $35,000 for a high-performance vehicle that can get up to 34 mpg on the highway.

BMW 328i

BMW 328iAmong the highest-rated manufactures in the auto industry, BMW sells a wide range of German import luxury sedans designed to fit into your refined lifestyle. Ranging from $36,850 to $47,600 in cost, the BMW 328i provides you with a fuel-efficient solution for everyday driving, allowing you to get 16 to 23 mpg for city driving and 25 to 34 mpg for highway driving.

Featuring a four-cylinder engine for smooth acceleration, the BMW 328i also comes with a strong braking system that allows for quick stopping. One downside to purchasing the BMW 328i is the higher cost for extra luxury features; however, BMW 328i vs. Mercedes-Benz C250 reviews show that the upscale styling and balanced dynamics make this vehicle one that many drivers desire.

Mercedes C250

Mercedes C250The Mercedes-Benz C250 is a luxury sport model that's comparable to the BMW 328i. Costing between $35,350 and $62,330, the C250 showcases a high-performance four-cylinder engine with 451 horsepower to ensure optimal fuel mileage, getting 13 to 22 mpg in the city and 19 to 31 mpg on the highway. Featuring aerodynamic bodywork and a seven-speed transmission, the Mercedes-Benz C250 offers an attention-assist feature, alerting you if it detects signs of drowsiness.

While the Mercedes-Benz C250 does have a higher price range compared to the BMW 328i, the C250 outperforms the 328i on safety, providing you with an 11-way air bag protection system to decrease the chances of injury in an accident. One disadvantage of the Mercedes-Benz C250 is it requires premium gas, which can be more expensive when it comes to overall fuel cost. However, BMW 328i vs. Mercedes-Benz C250 reviews show that the high-quality interior design and reliability make this vehicle a stylishly durable solution for everyday drivers.

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Whether you wish to purchase a luxury sedan or a high-performance convertible, car rankings can help you narrow your search by allowing you to compare each vehicle's cost and benefits. Buyerlink can provide you with a BMW 328i vs. Mercedes-Benz C250 price estimates from local dealers to help you determine which vehicle will not only fit your budget but also complement your lifestyle.

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