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Allowed Methods
  • Display/Banners
  • E-mail
  • Text/Content
  • PPC
  • No Spam
  • No Adware
  • No Pop-Ups/Pop-Unders
  • No Contextual
  • No Incentivized Sites
  • No Link-Outs On Co-Reg
  • No Peel-Away Ads
  • No Incentivized Placements
  • No Co-Reg Placements
  • No Hosted Offer Placements
Join the BuyerLink Affiliate Program

Why become an affiliate?

Our fast-growing affiliate program offers the opportunity to partner with a leader in the performance-based marketing industry. Simply use our tools to link to our landing page and earn a commission for every valid lead or Enhanced Click™ you generate.

Example: Completed new car leads are generated on Page Two of our lead form.

We have more than 100 banner and text links available within our networks. Our full-time Affiliate Manager can help you drive high quality leads.

What are the program rules?

All leads must originate from BuyerLink links and take place on BuyerLink provided or approved site. U.S. traffic only. Incentive and reward sites are not eligible to participate.

How should I promote BuyerLink?

We strongly encourage you to promote us with a combination of placements:

  • Use banners on your site to drive traffic to our landing pages. We highly recommend that you use various sizes and place our banners in visible and relevant areas of your site.
  • Use creative that we supply to send email campaigns to your opt-in lists. We will provide a suppression file and ask that you comply fully with CAN-SPAM laws if you choose to use email marketing to promote us.
  • Use text ads to place links to the BuyerLink landing page. Text ads allow you to insert the link directly into your content and generate more relevant traffic.
  • Use paid search to buy traffic on tier 1 and tier 2 search engines. Buy targeted keywords that are highly relevant for the best results.

We look forward to seeing you become a valuable member of the BuyerLink Network.

Who is BuyerLink?

BuyerLink, an One Planet Venture company, is the leading online marketing platform for the acquisition of locally-targeted and category-specific consumers. BuyerLink offers an Enhanced Click™ and lead marketplace that is designed for businesses looking to reduce the complexity of online acquisition. BuyerLink provides both buyers and sellers with control over price, quality, and volume to maximize results; employs auction-based, market-driven pricing; and allows buyers to easily set their price and change it at any time.

Learn more about us here.

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