What is the Buyerlink Marketplace?

Buyerlink makes internet marketing accessible to businesses of all sizes. It is the leading platform for the acquisition of locally targeted and category-specific consumers, we operate on an cost-per-click or cost-per-lead basis, providing a highly profitable alternative to online marketing solutions offered by major search engines and ad networks.

At Buyerlink, we see a multi-billion-dollar opportunity in providing efficient marketing solutions to businesses that need to speak with online consumers to deliver their product or service. Many large business segments require personal contact, either face-to-face or by phone, to close a transaction. There are millions of consumers using the Internet to research such products and services, including automotive, real estate, mortgage, insurance, home improvement, and travel, and there are countless businesses—large and small—trying to reach those consumers.

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With the launch of the Buyerlink Marketplace, we simplified the process of purchasing clicks and leads online. Buyers can now easily target the types of consumer actions they are interested in purchasing, throttle volume daily, and dynamically change the price they pay. With increased control and segmentation, buyers can profitably move offline advertising budgets online. Using Buyerlink, buyers can focus on managing phone calls and orders, rather than keywords and technology.

Sellers earn a premium for quality, have access to a highly liquid marketplace that maximizes yield, and can more efficiently monetize inventory.

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