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One thing that the Geico gecko, the Metlife Peanuts crew, the Liberty Mutual lady liberty and the Hartford elk can all agree on is that it's great to saving money on auto insurance. As insurance companies have upped their game with increasingly entertaining ads, it can be difficult to figure out where to get the most bang for your insurance buck. Here are some tips to help save you money.

Drive carefully. This won't only increase your safety and the safety of your passengers and the drivers and passengers around you; it will also help lower your insurance rate. If you're nervous behind the wheel for any reason, don't forget to use the IPDE process while driving (Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute).

Also, be sure to use an automatic payment plan in order to be sure your premiums are paid in full and on time every month. Online automatic payment plans are also better for the environment. Be sure to purchase an auto-insurance friendly vehicle and protect it with an anti-theft device such as an alarm, a steering wheel lock, a kill switch, or a vehicle tracking system.

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