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Have you read the fine print on your auto insurance terms?

There are so many things that you purchase with your signature included at the end. There is also, usually a thick stack of documents that came shortly before it. If someone were to ask you what any of those documents said you probably could not tell them. You probably couldn't even sum them up and that is not a good thing. Unfortunately, when it comes to auto insurance you usually don't read the fine print on your auto insurance terms until its too late.

It is wise to look at the fine print before you purchase your insurance policy. There are things such as the money the policyholder must pay out when making a claim and the policy excess amounts can vary from one company to another. You also need to look at your policy closer because some levels of coverage only allow a certain number of claims per year. So if you have a teenager that needs to go on your policy than that company may not be the way for you to go. They also charge a higher premium when and if you ever call in a claim.

The worst thing you could ever do is make assumptions as to what you think your policy covers because you might just be surprised. One example, is when you are driving someone's vehicle and automatically assume that your insurance covers you in that car. The truth is that most basic policies do not and the damages will not be covered.

Also, it is not until vehicles are parked that they are no longer covered for theft or fire. Most policyholders are not aware of that until after their car is broken into.

The biggest reason there are so many policyholders that do not read the fine print, aside from laziness, is assumptions. Most assume that they already know what is stated in their policy and don't bother to read a thing.

There are some key things to look out for in your insurance policy and one of them is to make sure that your legal expenses are covered. Now, that is fine print that you definitely do not want to miss. If relocation will be covered and are courtesy cars included in your coverage are a few other key things to look for in the fine print. Remember, don't assume that other drivers are covered because if not your policy could be void if you have an accident involving a driver who is not covered.

Everyone usually thinks that windscreen is usually covered as well. Well most of the time it is usually covered; it's the amount of claims per year that you want to ask about. The last thing to look for in your auto insurance terms is the type of coverage over all. Is the coverage comprehensive, third party, theft, and fire, or third party only?

There is nothing wrong with asking an excessive amount of questions and there is nothing wrong with actually reading the fine print. You will have a full understanding of your policy and eliminate surprises.

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