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Does Driving a SUV Mean Higher Car Insurance Rates?

SUV or the sports utility vehicle has become very popular in the last decade. Originally conceived as a vehicle for all those who frequently needs to visit outside the city, and for those who go often on camping, fishing and weekend trips, these automobiles have today become so popular that many use them even in the city life. But those who think beyond the automobile and also consider other related things such as insurance tend to worry thinking that the cost of SUV insurance would be higher. The fact is, in most cases they are right. Yes it is a fact that generally the cost of auto insurance for SUV is on the higher side.

However on the other hand, many people seem to think differently. They argue that since the SUV is a bigger and a heavier vehicle, the chance of a roll-over is very little in case there is an accident and thus, there are fewer damages. And so, they feel that the insurance amount should be less too. The fact is that car insurance companies do not believe in this line of thought. Why? Let us investigate.

Why Is The SUV's Auto Insurance Higher?

Yes the SUV is a heavier vehicle, but according to the statistics maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US, these automobiles actually end up rolling over more, and this is because the bigger height makes them top-heavy. In case there are sharp turns and quick maneuvers, these automobiles can indeed roll-over. And thus it can be said that the popular belief is not actually what the truth is - SUV's are not actually safer than cars. This is one primary reason why vehicle insurance companies charge more for SUV's.

Here's another reason. The bumpers of these vehicles are placed higher than other automobiles and because of this, when there is an accident, these bumpers hit the weaker spot of smaller cars and end up damaging them more. Another reason why SUV's harm other vehicles so much more is because of their extra weight and bulk. However in recent times, the makers of SUV's are redesigning the automobiles to lower the bumpers and so in the future, the auto insurance for them may come down. But presently, that is not the case.

Paying The Price For Popularity And Cost - Another Reason Why The Auto Insurance For SUV's Are Higher

SUV's are very powerful and trendy vehicles and that is why there are many people who prefer them, even ahead of the beautiful sedan or the jazzy sports car. And of course they are often more costly as well. And these are enough reasons why they attract the attention of automobile thieves. In reality, the theft rate for SUV's are higher and this means additional risk for the insurance provider, it will naturally lead to a higher car insurance cost.

Though normally driving a SUV will mean a higher car insurance rate, there are certain things that you can do to lower your cost of auto insurance. And that is great news indeed!

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