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Many people with car insurance are really paying more than they should be paying, and just don't know it. Just an hour or so of research could literally save such a person hundreds of dollars per year. These few simple steps could lead to a substantial reduction in car insurance premiums.

Call Up the Current Insurance Provider

A quick call to the insurance company is the first step. Many companies that provide personal and home insurance also provide auto insurance. Ask if they provide car insurance, then see about getting a quote. Companies that provide more than one type of insurance often provide discounts for multiple policies, which will reduce the auto insurance cost by a certain percentage.

Search the Internet

There are uncountable resources to be found on the Internet. In fact, many insurance providers will have special deals for those who sign up online, since it saves the company money in both, staffing costs and postage. Get quotes from at least three different providers, and from an online comparison site. Be sure the quotes match the desired policy, so some vital aspect of coverage is not left out.

Talk to an Independent Agent

An independent insurance agent is a good resource to consider when looking for auto insurance. Since they represent several different companies, and they will do some shopping around to get their clients the best deal they can find. It won't take more than a brief conversation with an independent agent to find out, if they are able to create savings or not.

Talk to Friends and Family

Trusted people like good friends and family, can give valuable first-hand knowledge of their auto insurance experiences. Find out what sorts of deals they are getting. The exchange might even go both ways, which each side learning some valuable money-saving tips. This sort of networking can be very valuable in the end.

Lower the Current Rate

Should all the steps above fail to make any decrease in car insurance rates, consider making some changes. Add some additional safety features to the vehicle. An increased deductible could also create a decreased premium. Those who feel comfortable doing so might even change their liability limits. Even parking the car in a more secure location might help with some insurance providers. The type of vehicle being insured, the area in which the driver lives, and the mileage driven; all of these factors can play roles in the cost of car insurance. Every driver who wants to save money should think about ways to reduce their car insurance rates.

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