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Do I need Auto Insurance?

You do indeed need auto insurance if you are driving an automobile of any sort in the US . Though the regulations tend to differ from one state to another, but the fact remains that in most states of the country, it is mandatory and you are likely to be prosecuted if you are found driving a vehicle sans auto insurance. And in some states, there is the clause of a "financial responsibility" as well. There are valid reasons behind such regulations that are explained below.

Reasons Why Vehicle Insurance Is A Must In The US

Let us assume that you are a seasoned driver having the self-confidence never to cause an accident. However, an accident is never caused but happens, and is attributed by Webster's Dictionary to "An unforeseen event that occurs without anyone's fault or negligence". Nevertheless, all drivers are not necessarily as "good" as you probably are, and there is no guarantee that one of them will not hit you on the road on a snowy slippery night, leaving you bleeding heavily and gravely injured.

If such a sad state of event does indeed happen, your auto insurance company will definitely come to your rescue at that critical hour, providing you with the funds for your treatment, after treatment rehabilitation, income loss and even for the restoration of the car - but for that, you need to be covered by auto insurance of course. And this car insurance policy will protect you also from property damage as well. What's more, the insurance company may also come to the aid of the offensive vehicle primarily responsible for the collision, if the court verdict says so. Although at the outset, the premium may seem exorbitant, it will eventually pay rich dividends at the time of need. "Uninsured Motorist liability' provides the necessary coverage under such circumstances.

The other side of the coin can be equally perilous, if you happen to be the uninsured driver responsible for the accident. The aggrieved party may sue you for damages incurred and you become financially liable to pay all medical bills, as well as the cost of restoration of his/her vehicle to the fullest extent. And if the vehicle proves to be a total write off - let heaven help you to foot the bill. However, you would have been spared of the perils if you were covered by auto insurance.

Here Are The Benefits That Car Insurance Can Provide You With, As Long As You Are Covered By It.

  • Keeps you worry-free whenever you take to the road.
  • Shields you from expensive damages resulting from accident-related lawsuits.
  • Safeguards the investment made by you in your vehicle.
  • Gives you adequate protection against uninsured or under-insured motorists.
  • Reimburses cost of damages, theft, pilfering of accessories.
  • Pays/reimburses medical bills after an accident.

In short, it gives you the much needed peace of mind in regard to all on road uncertainties and qualms.

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