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  • USAA car insurance for your vintage car: policy options and costs

USAA car insurance for your vintage car: policy options and costs

Your classic deserves classic coverage and USAA car insurance vintage car policies could be your best option

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USAA specializes in providing a variety of services to active and veteran military personnel as well as their family members, including cost-effective insurance policies. USAA car insurance for vintage cars is one type of coverage that you can get on a USAA car insurance policy.

Protecting your priceless drive

usaa vintage1USAA classic car insurance is for collectors vehicles that are rarely driven. These vehicles are more like works of art, and many of them continue to increase in value as they age. Vintage car insurance through USAA can be used to cover any motor vehicle that is a collector's item, including:

  • Antique cars
  • Classic military jeeps
  • Custom trucks
  • Classic motorcycles
  • Exotic, customized vans

The amount of money you insure your vehicle for will depend on the value of your vehicle. If you don't know your vehicle's exact value, it is a good idea to get it appraised by a vehicle appraiser. Gold Book and Old Cars Price Guide are two resources that you can use if you want to determine your vehicle's worth on your own without the help of an appraiser.

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USAA does not require documentation in order for you to insure your classic car, but having this information will help you decide how much you should insure your car for. The amount you will pay for USAA auto insurance for vintage cars generally depends on your car's overall condition, and the amount can vary by a few hundred dollars per year.

Get the USAA advantage

usaavintage1USAA car insurance for a vintage car is quite different from the insurance that you would purchase for a regular car. To get USAA auto insurance for a vintage car, you and USAA must agree upon a coverage amount. With regular vehicle coverage, you are required to carry a certain amount of coverage that depends on your state of residence. Vintage car insurance through USAA can be added to your existing insurance policy, but USAA does not offer multi-vehicle discounts on classic cars.

To get USAA car insurance for your vintage car, your vehicle must be stored in a garage, storage unit, enclosed trailer or carport. You must also have an overall good driving record in order to be eligible for vintage car insurance through USAA. If your collector's vehicle gets damaged, you would make a claim in the same way you would if your everyday vehicle was damaged in an accident.

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Insuring a classic requires unique strategies and while USAA car insurance for vintage cars can give you peace of mind, it can help you if you can consult with an insurance expert tp review all your options. Reply! can help by connecting you to insurance professionals in your area who will help you protect that classic investmet.

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