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Progressive car insurance comprehensive coverage: what you should know

If you want to protect your car against a wide range of hazards, Progressive car insurance comprehensive coverage can offer you many options

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Progressive, which has been selling auto insurance since 1937, offers a wide range of car insurance options, from state required liability to roadside assistance. For those with Progressive car insurance, comprehensive coverage is often a commonly purchased part of a plan, covering those incidents that lead to vehicular damage without an actual collision.

According to the laws of most states, drivers are required to carry minimal amounts of liability car insurance to pay for damage caused by the driver during a collision. This liability insurance pays not only for physical injury of another person involved in an accident but also for the damage done to the other party's vehicle. What is not covered by liability insurance is damage done to the driver's own vehicle, whether due to a collision or otherwise. To cover that damage, Progressive offers comprehensive and collision coverage.

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Comprehensive or Collision?

if your car bursts into flames, progressive car insurance comprehensive coverage can help you pay for repairs...or replacementsCollision coverage takes care of damage to the insured driver's own vehicle in the case of an accident they cause with another car or with a non-living object. Comprehensive coverage handles the costs of repairs related to non-collision damage, such as:

  • Car fires
  • Flooded cars
  • Car replacement in the case of theft
  • Hail damage
  • Damage from falling trees, branches or other objects
  • Broken or cracked windshields
  • Damage caused by hitting an animal crossing the road
  • Lightning strikes or other Acts of God

What’s paid for?

When you buy auto insurance, comprehensive coverage requires that you agree to pay a portion of the cost of repairs (your deductible). Your deductible amount remains the same regardless of the severity of the damage, so a fender bender that may cost only a couple hundred dollars to repair may not actually require any payment at all, whereas Progressive car theft coverage may require the outlay of tens of thousands. The higher you make your deductible, the less risk there is for the insurer of a payout, which is why your premium rate will go down if you select a higher deductible.

comprehensive coverage pays for numerous odd incidentsIt's important to choose a total insurance level and a deductible level that will leave your car amply covered while making the payments for the insurance reasonable. The optimal balance is to have a total amount that's enough to cover the value of your vehicle while having a deductible that you would find easily affordable to pay.

Is it required?

While most states require licensed drivers to carry minimal levels of insurance, those requirements are tied to liability and, in some states, personal injury protection (PIP) or medical expenses coverage. Comprehensive coverage is not currently on any state’s required coverage list for all licensed drivers. However, if you are financing the purchase of a new or newer car or if you are leasing a car, the terms of your lease agreement or financing arrangements may require you to carry comprehensive coverage. You may also live in a state that requires you to carry comprehensive car insurance coverage if you are financing or leasing a car, regardless of what your leasing agent or lender require of you. Be sure to consult your leasing or lending terms and conditions to be sure.

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Progressive car insurance comprehensive coverage can save you money in repair or replacement costs should you find yourself facing fire, flood or theft.  Knowing just how much comprehensive coverage you should add will be easier if you work with a seasoned insurance professional and Reply! can connect you to one in your area who will be more than eager to assist you.

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