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Progressive car insurance: an overview of policy options

When shopping for auto insurance coverage, Progressive car insurance offers a number of policy options you should consider

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Many consumers know Progressive from its television commercials featuring Flo, the helpful insurance guide. What folks may not know is just how many car insurance options are available through Progressive. Progressive car insurance offers a broad range of policy options and coverage plans you should review before selecting a car insurance company.

Know your requirements, know your options

progressive car insurance1Before reviewing what car insurance coverage options are available through Progressive, you should be aware of what the requirements for car insurance coverage are in the state where you live and drive. Every state has some form of financial responsibility attached to driving privileges. In most cases, getting car insurance is the easiest way to fulfill proof of that financial obligation and responsibility. At the core of a basic car insurance coverage plan is car insurance liability coverage. Car insurance liability coverage is broken into two general categories: bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

As their terms suggest, bodily injury liability coverage kicks in to pay for the treatment of injuries you cause to other parties in a car accidents (this will generally not include the passengers in your car at the time of an accident.) Property damage liability covers the cost to repair damage you cause to other people’s property (including other cars)in an accident. There is another form of personal property coverage you can buy that is actually required in a few states and it generally goes by the name of property protection insurance. This policy option covers additional cost to repair property you damage, excluding any damage you cause to other cars. (It generally has a high limit and is used to pay for the cost to repair or replace things like storefronts or buildings.)

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Every state sets minimum requirements and limits for liability coverage (both personal injury and property damage liability.) There are also sixteen states (plus the District of Columbia) that are considered no fault states for car insurance laws and requirements and in these states, licensed drivers are required to carry additional, no fault coverage for personal injury or medical bill payment coverage. There are also a handful of states that require licensed drivers to have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage in place in addition to the liability coverage and in most cases, that uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage has to be set at levels equal to the liability levels a driver puts in place.

Progressive insurance is available in every state and Progressive agents in your area will be able to make sure you have at least the legally required levels of car insurance. Every insurance expert will suggest that you put policy options in place that exceed whatever your state minimum requirements are because those limits are notoriously low. As a way of encouraging this, Progressive will actually offer you a lower overall rate on your policy when you do put coverage options in place (especially for liability) that exceed whatever your state requirements are.

Progressive offers all of the following coverage options for drivers in any state, and you can build a policy with some or all of these coverage options:

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Rates and quotes


Progressive auto insurance can be priced and purchased through an agent, over the telephone or online by visiting the company's website (www.progressive.com). Researching online has several advantages. In fact, one of the selling points promoted by Progressive is its expanded list of online tool current and prospective customers can use to price plans, manage an account (by paying premiums online or scheduling appointments), track the progress of a claim (or even the progress of repairs being completed on your car as a result of a claim), and leaving detailred comments reflecting your experience with the company.

One of the selling points promoted heavily by Progressive is its comparative quote service. As the television ads suggest, you can plug in the coverage options you are considering with Progressive, the price you are being quoted for coverage and the cumulative impact of any possible discounts. Progressive will, in turn, list the price you will pay for a package of comparable coverage options with some of Progressive’s competitors.

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These online rates and quotes services are available around the clock, each and every day of the year. This gives you the luxury of taking your time when considering such an important investment. At the same time, no site is an infinite source of information, and an agent or customer service representative can answer questions that the website does not. An agent will also be able to let you know about current and pending discounts you may be eligible for in the areas where you live and drive.

You should also know that, depending on where you live, the Progressive comparative rate function is very selective. In many cases, the online comparisons purposely pick competitors that either offer noticeably higher rates, fewer discounts, or even lower levels of coverage or limited coverage options.


The price of your auto insurance premiums can be offset by a number of discounts that Progressive may allow. For instance, customers who have achieved longevity with the company (four years or more) without an accident will be spared a premium increase if they do get in an accident. (Multiple accidents after this four-year period may void this feature on some policies.)

Insuring multiple vehicles will earn discounts on each vehicle, and you are not limited to cars only, Progressive offers insurance coverage for motorcycles, ATVs, recreational vehicles, even certain watercrafts. Insuring all your vehicles with Progressive can earn you discounts in a number of ways.

Owning a home will put you in a category that will further decrease your premium. If you then decide to insure your house and personal belongings with Progressive, some states will allow the insurer to offer you a discount for having multiple policies with the same company.

You can also enjoy a slight reduction in your insurance premium(s) if you pay the full term’s amount due when signing up for coverage. Some states also allow Progressive to offer you a discount if you select one of the automatic-premium payment options that will pay routine premiums using an electronic debit or credit payment option.

Beyond these mitigating factors, Progressive will reduce your initial premium by $50 if you conduct the entire purchase transaction online (including using the e-sig feature for verifying coverage.)

Progressive, like other insurers, offers specially priced packages for umbrella policies, where auto, homeowners and health insurance are all underwritten and indemnified by the company. (This is often referred to as bundling.)

Speed up the process and review these quotes

Another heralded car insurance discount option through Progressive is its Snapshot® program. This is where drivers agree to have an in-car monitor placed that will record several driving activities (driving frequency, mileage, speed, driving habits such as hard-braking, the typical time of day when you drive, etc.) After a 30-day review of driving activity, Progressive will determine if you are a “safe” driver, thus affording you additional discounts on your car insurance premiums. Families with young drivers find that this tool can sometimes assist in reinforcing safe driving habits with new drivers. Any discounts from the Snapshot® can build and apply for the entire term of a policy (typically six months at a time.)

In addition to the standard discounts advertised nationally by Progressive, each state has different laws regarding what discounts Progressive can offer drivers and the extent to which these discounts can apply. Your state may have many additional discounts Progressive can offer you and you should speak with a Progressive agent in your area to get a full list of the discounts you may be eligible for. You should also ask a Progressive representative about the company’s growing list of loyalty rewards. These range from giving you a break on any small accidents to offering you a discount when you add a minor driver to a family policy. You can also go for the big prize, what Progressive calls its Lifetime Crown Benefits. If you remain a continuous Progressive customer for 20 years, you are afforded a host of rewards, not the least being a guarantee of renewal for the rest of your life with Progressive.

Want to name your price?

One other program unique to Progressive is what it calls its Name Your Price feature. This is just another way you can compare and contract coverage options and costs when considering whether to switch to Progressive or to take them on as your very first car insurance company.

The Name Your Price function entails an easy, three-step process:

  1. Go online with Progressive and begin filling out your request for a car insurance coverage quote
  2. Fill in a specific budget or a small range of dollar amounts you can afford for car insurance coverage
  3. Based on the responses from Progressive (and your state’s requirements) you can make a few adjustments online to see how much coverage you can get that still fits your budget

(One thing to be aware of is that the quotes you receive using this function are not, in the end, binding. You will ultimately need to be in contact with an actual customer service representative or a licensed Progressive agent.

(You can also see more information about Progressive discounts here)

Customer service and ratings

progressive car insuranceCustomer service is one area Progressive touts in its advertising and most of its literature. Depending on the organization conducting the research, the company receives a mixed set of ratings. Its online services are ranked as some of the best by Forbes magazine, U.S. News & World Report and by J.D. Power & Associates, while it falls roughly in the middle of the pack overall in customer surveys ranking responsiveness, claims handling and overall value and affordability. In a combined survey of state insurance commissioners and agencies, Progressive agents rank well when it comes to consumer complaints. The Insurance Consumer Complaint Ratio is a 1-5 scale (5 being the best) ranking companies for complaints and Progressive consistently boasts a ranking of 4-4.5.

Loyalty among its customers is another flag Progressive is proud to wave. In annual surveys conducted by MSN/Money Magazine, Consumer Reports and J.D. Power and Associates, more than 90 percent of current Progressive customers say they would recommend Progressive car insurance to a friend or family member and upwards of 95 percent of current Progressive customers say they plan to renew an existing policy or add another policy from Progressive.


If you’ve been considering adding or changing your car insurance coverage, Progressive is certainly an option you should consider. It will help to have the support and counsel of a local car insurance professional who knows your state’s laws and who is familiar with Progressive and other lines of insurance. Reply! can help you in this effort by connecting you to insurance professionals in your area with just that knowledge and experience.

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