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Farmers car insurance emergency road service coverage: how it works

Neither you nor your family will be stranded by the side of the road if you add Farmers car insurance emergency road service coverage

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Car insurance is designed to protect you, financially, from a host of possible driving and car ownership hazards. It can also protect you and your family from the trauma of being stranded on a busy or strange highway due to some mechanical malfunction, especially if you have added an option like Farmers car insurance emergency road service coverage.

Farmers unique service advantage

adding farmers car insurance emergency road service coverage as an option is incredibly affordableWhen you choose to add roadside assistance coverage to your Farmers car insurance policy, you will be enrolled in its HelpPoint® program. HelpPoint® is a suite of services that includes roadside assistance and a glass repair/replacement coverage plan (depending on the state where you live and drive and on the extent of other coverage options you have in place with Farmers.) The roadside assistance offerings are backed by a simple sign and drive policy whereby you can call a toll free number for services that, as long as they are provided by the network of more than 20,000 tow shops and mechanics and some 10,000 locksmiths nationwide, are included in your coverage.

HelpPoint® roadside assistance provides coverage for:

  • Emergency towing (up to a $150 limit per incident)
  • Dead battery charging/jumpstarting
  • Flat tire repair or change
  • Lockout assistance (if you lock your keys in the car, lose them or break one)
  • Winching (if your car gets stuck in a ditch or bank or some other trappings within 10 feet of paved public road)
  • Emergency service contact (if you’re out or range for 911 calls to fire, police or emergency medical treatment)

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If the actual cost of any of these select services exceeds the $150 limit per incident, Farmers allows you to submit any expenses over that amount for a reimbursement consideration and if you are reimbursed, it will not affect your rates going forward. If you have a service provider you like who is not registered with Farmers as a HelpPoint® provider, you will have to pay that provider directly, though you can submit that expense to Farmers for reimbursement consideration.

Broad coverage at affordable rates

whether it's a tow or a quick roadside fix you'll be covered with farmers car insurance emergency road service coverageWhen you are looking at options like the roadside assistance package you can get with Farmers car insurance emergency road service coverage, remember these important factors when comparing all your options:

  • Farmers HelpPoint® can be added to any Farmers car insurance policy (unlike some insurers who specify which coverage options are a pre-requisite to being offered roadside assistance)
  • Farmers HelpPoint® comes with no deductible you need to fulfill
  • Claims filed under HelpPoint® don’t count against your driving record when premium rates are being calculated in future years

While the HelpPoint® specifics will vary from state to state and from plan to plan, what won’t vary is just how affordable the package can be. You can add the full range of roadside assistance coverage with a HelpPoint® package for as little as 80-cents-a-month in additional premium (less than 10 bucks a year!) When you consider what it would cost you out-of-pocket to call a tow truck or request minor roadside repairs (not to mention the danger you could put yourself, your family and your passengers in waiting for service to arrive) how can you not seriously consider adding this option to your Farmers car insurance policy?

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If you drive enough miles, eventually you will find yourself facing a roadside emergency and when that time comes, you’ll want options. Adding Farmers car insurance emergency road service coverage gives you plenty of options and lots of protection. To find out for sure if this coverage add-on makes sense, you may want to spend some time visiting with an experienced car insurance pro who can answer any questions you may have and show you a range of sample policies to peruse before you buy. Reply! can help by connecting you to local car insurance professionals near you eager to help you get all the coverage you need.

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