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Country Financial car insurance collision coverage: things you should know

When you have Country Financial car insurance collision coverage, fender benders are no problem

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While you are shopping for car insurance, take a look at Country Financial car insurance collision coverage. Country Financial offers several policies that can be combined to provide you with a total coverage package. Whether you just need to fulfill your state's legal insurance requirement or you seek to have coverage for all possible car accident repair expenses, Country Financial can help you design a policy that suits your needs.

Not always required...but an important option to consider

country collisionTo drive a car, insurance coverage that enables you to pay for any damage you cause is a legal requirement. In most states, this requirement is fulfilled with liability insurance. Bodily injury liability coverage means you have the financial ability to pay the medical expenses for anyone injured in a car accident in which you are determined to be at fault. Property damage liability coverage means you can assume the financial responsibility for car accident repair expenses on any other vehicle or personal property you damage.

While generally a legal requirement in most states, liability coverage only offers protection for others. If you cause an accident and your vehicle is damaged, liability insurance will not cover the damage to your vehicle. If you want to be able to repair your car if it is damaged, whether by you or someone else, you may need to carry collision insurance. Country Financial car insurance collision coverage will cover repairs for your vehicle if it collides with another vehicle or an object like a pole or a tree. It will also pay rollover accident repair expenses.

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While no state requires licensed drivers to carry collision coverage, it may still be a required coverage option. If you have a lien on your car (from, say, a car loan or lease) you may be required to carry this type of coverage so the lienholder's asset is protected.

Many insurance companies package collision with comprehensive, requiring you to take both. While Country Financial allows you to add one of the other separately, comprehensive is something you may want to consider. Comprehensive coverage covers the other things that can happen to damage or destroy a car. For example, if your car is pelted with hail during a storm, comprehensive coverage will pay for the damage. It will also cover repairs if a tree falls on your car. If your car is flooded, that would be covered too. Of course, if all three of those things happen to your car at once, you car will most likely be declared a total loss, and in that case, comprehensive coverage will pay to replace your vehicle. Comprehensive also covers any loss due to the theft of your car.

Ask about discounts

country collision1To offset the expenses of Country Financial car insurance collision coverage as well as your other insurance
selections, there are several discounts available you can apply for. 
If you take a defensive driving course, you can receive a discount on your insurance. If you have young drivers and they make the Honor Roll or Dean's List or maintain a grade poijnt average of "B" or better, you can get a discount on that as well. If you have more than one policy through Country Financial, that can result in a discount on all your policy rates too.

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To know for sure if you need to be adding collision coverage to your car insurance policy, you may want to speak wih a local, licensed car insurance agent. An agent will be able to answer all of your car insurance questions and can show you a number of comparable proposals for varying coverage levels and rates, Reply! can help by putting you in touch with local car insurance agents who will be able to help you decide if Country Financial car insurance collision coverage is a smart option for you.

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