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American Family car insurance comprehensive coverage: things you should know

Flood waters rising? At least your car will be covered with American Family car insurance comprehensive coverage

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There are multiple types of vehicle coverage available through American Family Insurance. When you purchase American Family car insurance, comprehensive coverage can be added to your policy. A common misconception is that comprehensive coverage covers any type of damage to the vehicle. While this is not actually true, comprehensive coverage does cover many occurrences.

What it covers

American Family car insurance comprehensive coverage will cover the costs to replace or repair your vehicle in add american family car insurance comprehensive coveragethe event that it is damaged or stolen.  As a general rule regarding auto insurance, comprehensive coverage covers damage to your vehicle that doesn't occur as the result of a collision.

An American Family car insurance policy that includes comprehensive coverage would cover damage such as broken windshields, car fires, and water damage related to flooded cars. Through American Family, damage due to vandalism or other malicious acts, such as outright theft of the vehicle, would be covered as well.

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Bear in mind that comprehensive coverage does not cover normal wear and tear. Though American Family car theft reimbursement covers the cost of replacing a stolen vehicle, it would not cover the cost to replace any possessions that were in the vehicle when it was stolen. Comprehensive coverage also excludes damage to your vehicle resulting from a collision with another vehicle while driving.

Is it worth it?

The cost of comprehensive coverage depends on many factors including the type of vehicle and how often it is driven. The age and experience of the driver also play a role in determining a policy's premium. While these are things that may not be in your control, there are things you can do to possibly lower your premium.

One option is to consider raising your deductible. You can also ask about discounts to lower your premium. If you have multiple cars covered with American Family, you may be eligible for a multi-vehicle discount. There are also discounts available for drivers who have their home and/or life insurance through American Family and who maintain a safe driving record.

While no state will require you to carry comprehensive coverage as a licensed driver, you still may be obligated toamerican family car insurance comprehensive coverage add it to your policy. If you are using a car loan to purchase a vehicle, or if you are leasing a car, the terms and conditions of your loan or lease may require you to provide the protection a collision or comprehensive option gives your car.

Beyond any contractual obligation you may have for carrying comprehensive coverage, you may want to figure the cost-effectiveness of a comprehensive coverage option. Do you drive a lot on roads with gravel? Do you live in a neighborhood with a lot of larger, aging trees? Do you live in a part of the country prone to severe weather? Are there a lot of wild and unpredictable animals near you? Do you live in an area with a high car theft rate?


Knowing if you should add a comprehensive coverage option to your car insurance policy might be a decision that can benefit from the counsel of a skilled, licensed insurance agent. An agent can show you an array of proposals with varying coverage and cost levels. Repy! can put you in touch with insurance agents near you who can help you determine if American Family car insurance comprehensive coverage is the right choice for you.

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