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Adding teenagers to your Pemco family car insurance coverage: things you should know

Pemco car insurance coverage for a family with teenagers can be an excellent option for a growing family

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Teens come with many added expenses, and car insurance costs can be a major one. Although Pemco family car insurance coverage for teenagers can increase your rate, you can take some steps to help lower the cost and help your teen driver establish some safe driving habits.

Just how much is this going to cost?

pemco car insurance coverage for a family with teenagersThe first step in adding a teen to your family's car insurance policy is to begin to understand just how much it can actually cost. According to data from organizations ranging from the Insurance Research Council (IRC) and the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), if you do nothing but add a teen driver to your policy, you could see your car insurance rates double if you are adding a teen girl and possibly triple if you are adding a teen boy to your policy. Knowing this ahead of time, and possibly even sharing this information with your teen driver, can encourage both of you to make some tough decisions.

When to add a teen driver

One decision that needs to be made is at what age you will allow your teen to drive. There are a growing number of statea that have implemented Graduated Licensing Programs (GLP) in an effort to reduce accidents and fatalities among teen drivers. GLP is an extended, limited privileges licensing program that requires teens to show competency and responsibilty over a period of time where driving is concerned. Most GLPs do not allow full driving privileges until a teen clears several training hurdles and reaches the age of 18 and most insurance companies in states with GLPs have provisionary programs to provide adequate and less expensive coverage for these budding drivers.

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Pemco is one of these companies and in fact, rates for full-fledged teen drivers drop when your teen reaches age 18. This can give you a few more years to prepare for this financial hit and give your teen a few more years to save up for a car and/or insurance premiums. Rates for Pemco family car insurance for teens will decrease again at age 19, as long as your teen driver has not received any moving violation citations and has not been involved in an at-fault accident. 

What car will the teen drive?

pemco car insurance coverage family teenagersAnother decision will be the type of car your teen will drive. While he or she may want the fastest sports car you can afford, a safer car that is not a luxury or high-performance car or a sport utility vehicle will keep your teen's Pemco family car insurance coverage from soaring too high. Additional safety features such as side-impact airbags will also help. Automatic seatbelts or backup cameras might also qualify you for additional premium discounts.

Encourage good grades and safe driving

Pemco family car insurance coverage for teenagers can be cheaper for good students. Your teen can help lower your insurance costs by pledging to make better grades in the classroom and sticking to it. If your teen driver maintains a "B" average or better in high school or college, you all will recieve a discount. If your teen attends college at least 75 miles from home and doesn't have a vehicle while away from home, you can also qualify for a distant student discount.


Welcoming your teen driver into the family of drivers is always a challenge. It might help all of you to spend some time with a local, licensed car insurance agent who can sit down with all of you, answer any questions, offer some advice on how to help your teen driver establish safe driving habits, and help you apply for all the discounts you may be eligible for. Reply! can be of service here by putting you in touch with car insurance agents near you who can help you and your family detemrine if Pemco family car insurance coverage for you and your teens is the right choice for you.

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