Rheem vs Lennox: an air conditioner comparison guide

Feeling torn over Rheem vs Lennox air conditioners? Read our guide and get clear on your options.

Make your decision today on Rheem vs Lennox air conditioners. Hawaii fun by y-a-n on Flickr.If you need to install an air conditioner in your home (or need to upgrade and replace an existing one) you‘ll want to take the time to research various brands. Comparing Rheem vs Lennox air conditioning units is a good start. Rheem and Lennox have been manufacturing quality home cooling systems for many decades, and both companies are well known in the HVAC industry.

Once you are done with this comparison, ask a contractor in your area about air conditioner brands before making your final decision.

Rheem Air Conditioners

Richard and Donald Rheem started making and selling water heaters from their galvanizing plant in San Francisco in the mid-1920s. It was the start of what would become Rheem, and the company would continue to expand its HVAC product line. In the early 1960s, the company expanded into manufacturing, selling and servicing air conditioning systems for residential and commercial applications. Rheem continues to be a leader in residential air conditioning and has three lines of residential AC unites to choose from:

  • The Value Series
  • The Classic Series
  • The Prestige Series.

Rheem’s Value Series is its entry-level air conditioner series (measured by cost), but it offers some fairly impressive performance specifications. There are three models in the series, two of which are single-stage units and one of which is a two-stage unit. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) for units in this series range from 16 to 17 (13 is the minimum SEER rating currently allowed for most building and housing codes.)

Rheem’s Classic Series is its mid-range line of units. There are two single-stage units in this series and they deliver efficiency ratings upwards of 16 on the SEER scale.

The Prestige Series features one single-stage unit, two separate 2-stage units and two, 2-stage units with Rheem’s Comfort Control2 System with serial communication. This system allows you to auto-configure your AC to pre-set times and temperatures. Units in this series have SEER ratings ranging from 16 to 19.5. This series also comes with a two-stage scroll compressor to increase your energy efficiency and reduce the humidity in your home.

All Rheem units carry with them the ENERGY STAR rating. ENERGY STAR is a voluntary program established and monitored by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that grants ENERGY STAR status on consumer products meeting high standards for energy efficiency and lower carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Rheem offers a conditional 10-year warranty on the compressors for all of these units. There is also a 10-year limited warranty on all other parts (except for the Classic Series, which features a 5-year limited parts warranty.) The Prestige Series features a 5-year conditional total unit replacement warranty for the single-stage model and a 10-year conditional total unit replacement warranty for its 2-stage models.

Shown here is Rheem Prestige Series: 2-Stage Serial Communicating air conditioner.Rheem's air conditioners run from about $1,400 to $7,000, (including installation).

(Check out the guide "Rheem Air Conditioner Prices: Costs, Pros, Cons, and More" for more specific pricing information.)

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Lennox Air Conditioners

Lennox has also been in business for many decades and has a variety of air conditioners on the market. Lennox has one of the largest selections of AC models in the industry. Lennox offers air conditioners that come in a variety of sizes and performance specifications, but they are generally broken down into three distinct lines:

  • The Merit Series
  • The Elite Series
  • The Dave Lennox Signature Series

The primary difference between each series is the efficiency of the units, measured by the SEER rating of each unit. The Lennox lines of AC units go (in ascending order) from SEER ratings starting at 14 for the Merit Series up to SEER ratings of 25 for some of the Signature Series units. In addition to delivering impressive efficiency with very competitive SEER rankings, all Lennox residential air conditioners carry the ENERGY STAR designation, another sign of each unit's efficiency.

The air conditioner prices you will pay when purchasing a Lennox air conditioner will vary greatly, depending on the size of your unit and the features it contains. Where you live and how complicated the installation is going to be can also have an impact on your air conditioner prices. For that reason, you are not likely going to find any price quotes on an air conditioning manufacturer’s website (that goes for Lennox too.) Lennox does include a “price guide” marker it assigns to models (“$” for inexpensive up to “$$$” for more expensive models.)

Several of the Signature line of air conditioners will work with the Lennox SunSource home solar energy systems. These units take energy efficiency to a new level and also pave the way for homeowners to earn additional tax credits and rebates that can help offset the cost of purchasing and installing these units.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC21 air conditionerCompare and save

Units from both companies will increase your air quality, making them perfect for individuals with pets or severe allergies. Both companies carry top-quality products that are energy efficient and economical, but Lennox has many more options than Rheem, offering you much more variety.

When doing your Rheem vs Lennox comparison, you'll also notice that both brands are available at many popular home improvement stores. You can do a little comparison-shopping if you visit a home improvement retailer that carries both brands (like Home Depot or Lowe's.) When you do compare prices, keep in mind that what you pay to have it installed can vary from region to region and from contractor to contractor. Using a licensed HVAC contractor aurthroiuzed to install the units you are comparing will assure that your air conditioner is installed properly and that any and all warranties can be in full force, without any stipulations. If you need an air conditioner estimate, let Reply! help you find a contractor in your area who is familiar with both brands and their prices.

First photo credit: y-a-n via Compfight CC. Second photo: Rheem Prestige Series: 2-Stage Serial Communicating air conditioner. Third photo: Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC21 air conditioner.

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