Lennox Elite Series AC prices and overview

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You can't cool much with half a fan. Photo by db0yd13 on Flickr.When it comes time for you to choose a central air conditioning unit for your home, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the choices available in today’s market. They all claim to offer the highest efficiency, longest life, and greatest savings over the performance life of the unit. If you're home’s air conditioning needs require a reliable, mid-range AC unit from a respected manufacturer, the Lennox Elite Series might be the right product line for you.

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Lennox Elite Series

lennox elite ac1The Lennox Elite Series is one of three standard residential central air conditioning product lines offered by Lennox. (The Merit is the entry-level series offered by Lennox and the high-end series is the Signature collection.) Within the Elite series, there are three standard units to choose from: the XC13, the XC14 and the XC16.

Air conditioners are rated in many ways but one industry standard to use for any comparison is what’s referred to as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. SEER is a measurement of how much energy a unit needs to produce the results it promises. The federal government requires that any new residential air conditioning unit sold today meet a SEER standard of at least 13.As you may have gathered, the three models in the Elite series from Lennox differentiate themselves (initially) by the SEER rating (found in each model’s name.) There are other factors that distinguish each model. Take a closer look:

Elite XC13 AC unit

lennox elite ac2The entry-level unit that gets you in to the Elite series, the XC13 is designed to give families surprising performance for the size and cost of the unit. At the heart of this unit is a scroll compressor, a feature that is designed to provide smoother, more reliable operations. Some oither highlights of this unit include:

    • SEER ratings that clock upwards of 15.5
    • Sound level of 74 decibels (dB)
    • Galvanized-steel cabinet with PermaGuard protection features
    • Chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant
    • High-efficiency outdoor coil

The XC 13 model is an ENERGY STAR rated central air conditioning unit. ENERGY STAR is a program developed and administered by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to showcase products and services that exceed their peers in energy efficiency and in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  An XC13 unit can save a family more than $1,000 in energy costs over the course of five years when compared to some existing units.

The cost including installation for this model ranges from $2,300 to $6,500, depending on the size of the unit being purchased (as measured by tonnage capacity) and depending on the rates licensed contractors in your area will charge for installation.

Elite XC14 AC unit

lennox elite ac3The next step up in the series, the Elite XC14 is designed for total comfort inside and quiet performance outside. It features a precision-engineered scroll compressor that ensures efficient operation, helping you save money on your monthly utility bills. Some of the other performance features you’ll find with this model include:

    • A 4.6-star customer satisfaction rating
    • SEER ratings that start with a base of 14 and can get up to 16.2
    • Sound level of 70 dB (making it the quietest model in the series)
    • Precision-balanced direct-drive fan (another factor in keeping the unit quiet)
    • Galvanized-steel cabinet
    • Chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant
    • High-efficiency outdoor coil

This unit is covered with the Lenox 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and the five-year limited warranty on all other covered components. This unit is also a certified ENERGY STAR model. A general comparison to existing units in this class suggests that a family can save upwards of $1,400 during the first five years of operation with this unit.

The estimated price range for this model -- including installation -- is between $2,500 and $6,500 (though this can vary widely depending on where you live and on the contractor you select to complete the installation.)

XC16 AC unit

lennox elite ac5This is the top-end model in the series and as with many things in life, there are pluses and minuses. The XC16 is the most energy-efficient model in this product line, but it tends to be the noisiest unit in the series. This unit is built around two-stage technology that optimizes performance compared to conventional single-stage systems. The result is more even temperatures and lower utility bills. (The two-stage scroll compressor operates at low stage most of the time, kicking in to the second stage when you demand higher production from the unit and need more immediate cooling.)

Some other features of the unit include:

    • A 4.7-star customer satisfaction rating.
    • SEER rating starting at 16 and registering as high as of up to 17.2
    • Sound level of 74 dB
    • ENERGY STAR certified
    • Chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant
    • Galvanized-steel cabinet
    • High-efficiency outdoor coil

This is the most expensive AC unit in the Elite Series, with a starting cost of $2,650 (including installation.) That figure can increase to as much as $7,000, depending on the size (in tonnage) of the AC unit you'll need to purchase to cool your home. Of course, these prices will vary from region to region and from contractor to contractor.

This model is covered by the standard Lennox 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and the five-year limited warranty on all other covered parts (it is eligible for the Lennox 10-year limited extended warranty.)

Compared to several existing units in its class, the XC16 will save your family more than $1,500 on your electric bills after just five years of use.

A licensed/certified contractor can help

Whether you choose a Lennox Elite central air conditioning unit, or your research steers you toward another option (perhaps you live in an area where a Lennox heat pump would work well,) be sure you consult a licensed and properly certified HVAC professional.  An HVAC contractor can help you determine air conditioner prices for your area and show you some comparable units and packages. Before you decide to install air conditioner components in your home, we recommend that you get at least three estimates from local contractors. This will give you a good mix of proposals to compare.

Remember one other thing: unless you have a properly licensed HVAC contractor handle the installation (and one certified to work on Lennox systems) you can risk voiding any warranty that may come with your AC units.

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home will allow you to stay comfortable year round without paying exorbitant energy bills. No matter which Lennox Elite Series air conditioner you choose Reply! can help you find contractors who can provide you with free quotes for the installation of your new AC unit.

Photo credit: db0yd13 via Compfight CC.

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