Goodman vs Carrier: an air conditioner comparison guide

Don't let the details of Goodman vs Carrier slip by you. Read on to learn more about unit options and how to get air conditioner prices.

After weighing Goodman vs Carrier, which one will it be? Talk to a local contractor to get the best air conditioner prices for your area. "Sunset at the trans-eastern highway" by Ghost Particle on Flickr.Central air conditioning units let you adjust the temperature of your home with just the touch of a button. Goodman and Carrier are two respected manufacturers that sell these products, but you'll want to compare Goodman vs Carrier before you choose one over the other.

A simple comparison will keep you from spending money on a unit that is not ideal for your home.

Goodman air conditioners

Seen here is Goodman SSX16 air conditioner.Many people may not be familiar with the Goodman line of air conditioners, and part of that may be due to the regional nature of the company’s early beginnings. In 1954, Harold V. Goodman hung his shingle as an air conditioning contractor in the Houston, Texas area. By 1975, his company was one of the region’s largest and most successful HVAC contracting firms and he decided to cut out the middleman in many ways by launching an air conditioner manufacturing entity.

Today, Goodman is well regarded for its central air conditioning systems (both residential and commercial) as well as its efficient and affordable heat pumps. Goodman offers several distinct central air conditioning systems for residential applications:

  • GSC13
  • GC14
  • GSX13
  • GSX16
  • DSX16
  • DSX18
  • SSX14
  • SSX16

In addition to these units, Goodman manufactures packaged systems that can offer bot heating and cooling solutions in a single system. There are three packed systems from Goodman that emphasize the cooling side of the equation:

  • GPC13H
  • GPC13M
  • GPC14H

One of the principal distinctions between models (aside from cost) is the efficiency rating of each distinct system. Air conditioning efficiency is measured and ranked by what is known as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit will be. There are other characteristics that set each Goodman air conditioning system apart.

The DSXC16 and DSXC18 models employ what is known as the ComfortNet communication system. This allows a homeowner to remotely set or activate the cooling system and afford greater control of when the system will engage. (You can pre-set time and temperature settings for maximum comfort and efficiency.

The GSC14, the SSX14 and the SSX16 models also qualify for ENERGY STAR designation from the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reduced energy use and for minimal contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.


Goodman is proud to stand behind its products and it does so (in part) with impressive warranties. Nearly all of its air conditioning units are covered with 10-year limited parts and unity replacement warranties. (The GSC13 model discovered only by a limited 5-year parts warranty. The two ComfortNet compatible units (the DSXC16 and the DSXC18) have a lifetime, limited warranty on the compressor and 10-year limited warranties on unit replacement and all parts. Extended warranties can be purchased to cover Goodman units (terms and conditions will vary from region to region,)

Your contractor can give you more information about the different units before giving you an air conditioner estimate

Carrier air conditioners

Carrier began when Willis Carrier (the company founder) invented the first modern air conditioning system in 1902 and founded his company on that invention. The company has since developed and introduced a wide range of commercial and residential air conditioners, heating systems and refrigeration solutions into the market. The company specializes in creating energy-efficient air conditioning units that provide comfortable temperatures in extremely hot climates and efficient heating units that perform well in extremely cold climates.

Carrier air conditioners come in three separate product lines:

  • The Comfort Series
  • The Performance Series
  • The Infinity Series

Each Carrier series of models improves incrementally with each ascending line (and with it comes a corresponding increase in prices you’ll pay.)

Carrier’s Comfort Series is for buyers on a budget. These air conditioners will get you in at a lower price point without totally compromising on performance. You can find units in this line with SEER ratings starting at 15. These units are compact, economical and very efficient.

Carrier Infinity 21 Air Conditioner 24ANB1When you contact your HVAC contractor, ask about the prices of Goodman vs Carrier units.

Link to area contractors for estimates on Goodman vs Carrier air conditioners now!

Carrier's Performance Series is a classic mid-range line of air conditioners that are a little larger, a little more durable and a little more expensive. Within this line you can find units with SEER ratings topping 18. They're also designed to outlast most comparably performing air conditioning units on the market.

Carrier’s top-end Infinity series offers all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a top-of-the line air conditioning unit. SEER ratings of up to 21 can be found in this line and they have units that generate as little as 65 decibels (barely a whisper) of ambient noise when running. This line can also help homeowners qualify for $1,000 to $1,500 in energy efficiency rebates and credits.

Of the three standard models available in the Comfort line, one carries the ENERGY STAR designation. Half of the units in the Performance series (two total) carry the ENERGY STAR designation while three out of the four in the Infinity Series do.

Hire a pro

Hiring someone to install air conditioner units in your home is an easy way to ensure that you don't violate the warranty that the manufacturer offers.

When warm weather hits, you want to feel comfortable in your own home, and an air conditioner from Goodman or Carrier can make that happen. Before you meet with dealers and installers, stop by Reply! to look at the top products from both companies and the advantages of adding central air conditioning to your house. You can even find out which companies offer helpful features like an adjustable thermostat.

Get started today on making your house cooler and more comfortable with a simple Goodman vs Carrier comparison. Once you decide which one you want, you can get in touch with a dealer in your city.

First photo credit: Ghost Particle via Compfight CC. Second photo credit: Goodman SSX16 air conditioner. Third photo credit: Carrier Infinity 21 Air Conditioner 24ANB1.

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