Toyota Tacoma Mpg and Performance

Truck guide to the Toyota Tacoma mpg and performance. The Tacoma maintains a low cost of ownership with its efficient fuel economy and long-term dependability.

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This year has proven itself as a wonderful year for all vehicles, and pick-up trucks are no exception. However, while there are plenty of excellent mid-size trucks available this year, the Toyota Tacoma's mpg and performance set it apart from the rest. While there are certainly comparable trucks, it is difficult to match Toyota's excellent reputation for quality, and, as usual, Toyota's latest offerings come with reasonable price tags that most buyers can quite easily afford. This Buyerlink guide breaks down the Toyota Tacoma in a format that will make it easier to decide if the Tacoma is the right pick-up truck.

Toyota Tacoma price

Toyota Tacoma mpgThe first factor in any truck review is price. Starting at $17,625, the Tacoma is certainly affordable for the average buyer interested in trucks. However, the price of the truck alone should never be the only factor for buyers on a budget. Whether or not a vehicle is going to require extensive maintenance in the future is also important to consider, as repair costs can quickly add up.

Fortunately, Toyota's vehicles have a reputation for quality, and the Tahoma is no different. Like Toyota's other offerings, the Tahoma is a sturdy vehicle that does not have any significant design flaws, and Toyota parts are usually easy to replace.

Fuel economy

The second factor to consider is fuel economy, and Toyota excels in this regard as well. The Tacoma gets 21 mpg in cities and 25 mpg on highways, which is a significant accomplishment for a mid-size truck. However, a decent fuel economy is usually a warning sign that the truck is lightweight and will not tow efficiently.

Fortunately, the Tacoma does not disappoint. It has a powerful engine, and its payload is equally impressive. As far as towing goes, the Tacoma should certainly be enough to accomplish most jobs, although drivers who will need to frequently tow heavy loads may not find the Tacoma satisfactory in that regard.

Toyota Tacoma mpgInterior

However, the Toyota Tacoma's mpg and performance are not the only factors to consider when deciding which truck to choose. While the Toyota Tacoma's mpg and performance are certainly impressive, the interior is an important aspect of this truck that, unfortunately, is not as high quality as the rest of the truck.

The interior is not fancy by any means, and there is plenty of hard plastic, but it is still fairly comfortable. Drivers who care about cab space will be happy to hear that there are multiple cab options for the Tacoma. Overall, while the Tacoma is certainly not a pioneer as far as the interior goes, it is what you would expect from a truck that focuses on performance more than interior style.

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There are plenty of other trucks on the market, but the Toyota Tacoma's mpg and performance give it an undeniable edge. In conclusion, if performance, price, and mpg are more important than the interior and overall style of the truck, the Toyota Tacoma is an excellent choice. Use Buyerlink to connect with local dealers and set up a test drive. 

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