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Family Car Comparison: Wagon vs SUV

Comparing vehicles that provide more room for your family's busy life: Wagon vs SUV

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Life changes when kids enter the picture. You're suddenly responsible for getting them to myriad activities and running errands to keep family life in order. Your compact sedan no longer seems practical because your definition of practicality has changed. It's time for a family car comparison: Wagon vs. SUV. Different families have different needs, and looking at differences in performance, interior and the cost of ownership between wagons and SUVs can help you decide which type of car is best for your growing family.

SafetyWagon vs SUV
Wagons tend to be smaller than SUVs. Therefore, they usually feature better handling. This is important when safety is concerned because there is less chance of a small wagon rolling over than there is a large SUV. Compact crossover SUVs are smaller than regular SUVs and may be a good choice for those with safety concerns about large SUVs. The main performance advantage of SUVs is that many of them offer all-wheel drive. If you're raising a family in an area that receives a lot of snowfall, you may appreciate having the ability to transport your kids and run errands when the weather conditions make driving difficult.

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InteriorWagon vs SUV interior
Interior space is the second consideration in the family car comparison: wagon vs. SUV. An SUV typically has more cargo space than a wagon, and many SUVs offer numerous seating configurations to give you flexibility as to how you want to seat passengers while hauling cargo. An SUV is a good choice for parents who need to carry a lot of sports equipment along with their kids. Wagons can still provide suitable cargo space if your hauling needs are not that large. Kids may also have an easier time getting in and out of wagons than SUVs because wagons are typically lower to the ground.

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Cost of ownershipWagon vs SUV
One major change that having kids brings is the restructuring of personal finances and budgets. Cost of ownership is, therefore, another important point in the family car comparison: wagon vs. SUV. Wagons typically have a lower sticker price than SUVs, but there are exceptions. Wagons also usually have better fuel efficiency than SUVs do, though this is not always the case. Higher mpg contributes to lower cost of ownership, so families with budgets should pay attention to the fuel efficiency of the wagons and SUVs they're considering. Your savings at the pump leaves you with extra money that can contribute to your kids' well-being.

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Wagons and SUVs can both be great cars for families. Choosing the right type of car for a family depends on the family's needs. By considering the performance, interior and cost-of-ownership differences between wagons and SUVs, you can choose the class of car that's right for your family. If you have a bigger family, you'll also want to look at options in the minivan class. You can connect with local dealerships using Buyerlink to discuss price estimates for a wagon, SUV or minivan. Talking to one of these specialists can help you finally settle the family car comparison: wagon vs. SUV.

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