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Family Car Comparison: Minivan vs Wagon

Minivan vs wagon: Passenger cars with roomy interiors to haul the family, but which is right for you and your family?

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If you need more passenger or cargo room than a sedan can provide, it may be time to think about buying a minivan or a wagon. When you conduct a family car comparison, minivan vs. wagon fuel efficiency should be one of your first considerations.

Once you determine which type of vehicle would give you the biggest bang for your buck, you should also compare the features and options available with each model. Taking the time to compare these two types of cars can make it easier to make a buying decision.

Cost of ownership

Subaru OutbackOnce you start conducting a family car comparison, minivan vs. wagon cost of ownership is another important consideration, especially if you are interested in a new model. Edmunds says you should plan to spend approximately $19,000 to $25,000 for a basic minivan and approximately $45,000 for a minivan that has features comparable to those found in a luxury car.

Minivans are available in two sizes, making it easier to choose a vehicle that will fit your family. The compact minivan is suitable for small families, while the regular-sized minivan is suitable for larger families.

Minivan performance and power

Honda OdysseyWhen conducting a family car comparison, minivan vs. wagon power is another important consideration when shopping for a larger vehicle. Some minivans have 4-cylinder engines, but many have V6 engines, which will give you the power you need. Interior seating is something else to consider, especially if you participate in a carpool or have several children to transport.

Minivans have a second-row seat in the back, giving you more passenger room than a sedan or crossover SUV. These seats may rotate or collapse to make it easier to fit cargo in with all of your passengers. Expect to get approximately 20 mpg combined if you purchase a minivan.

Wagon sizes

Subaru Outback interiorWagons come in three different sizes, so this is an important distinction when comparing them to minivans. The available sizes are compact, mid-size and large. The price of a compact model can be anywhere in the low teens to the low $20,000 range. If you want a luxury wagon, expect to pay as much as $40,000.

Mid-size wagons have a wide price range, with some models coming in at around $20,000 and some costing as much as $60,000. Larger wagons range from $25,000 to $35,000 for basic models and up to $60,000 for luxury versions.

Wagon performance and power

A wagon may have an engine with four, five, six or eight cylinders. Powerful wagons often get less than 20 mpg, but some models are able to hit the 20 mpg mark. Even basic wagons typically have desirable comfort and entertainment features, such as iPod integration, keyless start, automated climate control and navigational systems.

If you are interested in a family wagon, extra cargo storage and movable seats are among some of the features available. If you do not need all-wheel drive, it may be better to purchase a wagon instead of spending money on an SUV.

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Whether you need extra space for cargo or you have several children to accommodate with second-row seating, minivans and wagons are two great options for families. When you are ready to conduct a family car comparison, minivan vs. wagon features should be something you discuss with knowledgeable sales professionals. Use Buyerlink to find the best prices on minivans and wagons in your area.

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